Earlier this year, we reported that Apple is engaging in a push to hire talent to work on wearable devices (an “iWatch”). Since then, we noted that Apple hired two notable wearables specialists from Nike: Jay Blahnik (a consultant on the Fuel Band) and Ben Shaffer. Based on these hires, we believe that the iWatch will hit the market within the next couple of years.

iWatch concepts are constantly emerging. A new poll on Polar shows thirty-seven different iWatch concepts. Some of the concepts we have covered in our roundups, and others are new that focus on iOS 7 software design. Of course, these are all concepts and mockups that may not look at all like the actual product. However, we thought it would be interesting to gather polls from Polar indicating which concepts are most enticing to Apple fans.

In the above poll system, you can vote for your favorite concepts and use the arrows to move between images.

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18 Responses to “Poll: Which iWatch concepts are you a fan of?”

  1. If we’ve learned anything about spec-renders of apple products, we’ve learned they’re always 60 miles off. These are not exceptions.


  2. The only thing this article proves is that most people have very bad taste in watch design


  3. None of the above. I have an iPhone. Why do I need to carry ONE. MORE. THING. that needs recharging?


  4. Rob Dunlop says:

    Where’s the option for neither?


  5. Paul Kerr says:

    As others have said, neither is great. The white one is a curved iPhone, which seems crazy. Could the votes for that one be ironic?

    Two things to look for in an iWatch: No features for their own sake, and it will only be shipped if there is one or more good-sized markets ripe for disruption by a better approach. The markets? I’ll guess watches and programmable remotes. Both have clumsy, limited products with arcane UIs. Look out Casio, Timex, and all makers of remotes.


  6. Most of you failed to realize there are MANY comparisons, not just the first two! While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many of these designs are definitely NOT Apple-like.


  7. Forget all these renders I want to see a real 3D model of something like this that’s actually practical
    Renders are always nice to see where an imagination can go, but a real model actual puts it in perspective of will it actually work.


  8. I think Apple knows that any attempt to substitute the watch will fail: it is the only piece of jewelry men wear, and there are already thousands of fascinating designs (something that was all but true for phones and computers). The watch is a part of personality for most people, especially for the typical Apple customer looking for stylish, well designed stuff, and to a great extent it is a status symbol already. Just look at what Samsung came up with, a cartoon-inspiered, aimless piece of cheap plastic with a tiny screen, which looks more like a blind move to anticipate Apple in this field.


  9. tallestskil says:

    Wait, of just those two? Neither. Wretched.


  10. Edgar Rios says:

    Here’s my concept:


    Expect a new one with updated iOS soon on my Behance Portfolio!


  11. I would love to see this to be an actual design chosen by Apple -http://www.highsnobiety.com/files/2013/05/the-best-looking-iwatch-concept-so-far-01.jpg


  12. John Siggard says:

    I have been looking for a smartwatch solution for a while.

    The problem: Nowadays in order to stay connected I have to have a bluetooth headset (because my phone is so big its annoying to hold it up to my ear), a phone and a tablet ( because there are things that are just better/ easier to do on a tablet than a phone)

    Available solutions: The “phablet” (get an even bigger phone and sacrifice a full screen of a tablet so you can get away with carrying around 1 less device)
    The smartwatch as a “companion device” (add another device for you to carry around but make it so you dont have to pull one of them out as often)

    What I would like to see: A smartwatch that replaces the basic features of a phone- make/recieve calls see and respond to text/email, calendar and so on. Use a tablet for everything else.

    In short if you made a list and categorized whether you wanted to use an application on your watch, your phone, or your tablet I think you would find very little you would rather use a phone for.