After a brief public beta period, the popular RSS client Reeder is out with the first update to its Mac software since Google Reader broke support Reeder last year.

The new version supports a number of RSS services that have proven popular since Google Reader ended (like Feedbin, Feedly, and Feed Wrangler), and it now serves as a standalone RSS client without syncing so you won’t have to depend on an RSS service to use the app in the future.

Reeder 2 is not only an updated version with support for current RSS services, but it’s also a completely new app. Using Reeder 2 on a Mac with a Magic Trackpad or even a Magic Mouse feels very fluid as it’s very gesture driven. It also features a number of themes for customizing the user interface.

I’ve been using the public beta since it was released a few weeks ago and I’m happy to have my favorite RSS client for Mac back again.

Reeder 2 is a new app available on the Mac App Store for $9.99. I highly recommend it if you use RSS.

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7 Responses to “RSS client Reeder 2 for Mac now available on the Mac App Store”

  1. Longtime reeder 1.0 user, now I prefer Feedly (safari). It is much more graphical and I like that you can have a different view for different feeds. I tried the public beta but native Feedly in safari feels much more modern and more efficient.


  2. iol2 says:

    I owned the first Reeder and got left high and dry for way too long. I deserve the second version free along with an apology, and so do many others. Instead, we all receive a whole new bill so we can start all over again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I will never purchase any of this companies products again, and I hope others make the same vow!


    • If you’re looking for an apology, they gave one when it happened but the place you really have to look for one is from Google. They totally screwed everyone and everything that relied on Reader over including Reeder. The whole app was based on the Google system then they just pulled the cord.

      You’re entitled to nothing by the way. You paid for it once and it worked and did what it was supposed to do. A free upgrade for old customers would be nice but it’s certainly not expected. It’s hardly going to bankrupt you, and if it is then I think you have much larger problems than a new version of an amazing app being $10.


      • ceparlounge says:

        Comments like this one take the power away from the consumer. You are entitled to nothing if you think you are not … I guess you don’t deserve anything then … I guess you also think you can buy away loyalty.

        Google service was free, this is not …


  3. aeronperyton says:

    So Reeder for Mac and Reeder for iOS won’t even sync between itself if I use the standalone RSS service? Not even going to try to use iCloud?

    This WAS a good choice for RSS back in the day. But the way they chose to handle updates and how amazingly long it took the Mac app to get back off the ground is not worth the price tag. I’ve moved on and so have a most others it seems.


  4. Jason Brusa says:

    To little to late…

    I absolutely LOVED version 1 of this app. I read all of my feeds and enjoyed doing it.

    Unfortunately for the developer, ReadKit came to fill the void when Google killed reader.

    If Reeder had made it to the Mac in a month or two I would most likely be using it. But I had to find something to read and organize feeds. ReadKit did that and I didn’t have to wait very long past the death of Google reader.