1password-app-icon-01Popular password manager app 1Password received a nice update today for iPhone and iPad that introduces a few notable new features and the return of one previously removed. Version 4.5.2 of the app now includes automatic backups of data that users can access via iTunes. It also sees the return of item printing, bug fixes and more.

The app also makes some overall performance improvements. Developer AgileBits notes “Sync is now much sync-ier” and “That pesky flickering while viewing an item’s details is no more.”

Version 4.5.2 of the 1Password app for iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store now.

What’s New in 4.5.2

◆ 1Password now keeps automatic backups of your data that are accessible via iTunes
◆ Item printing is back, baby!
◆ Sync is now much sync-ier
◆ That pesky flickering while viewing an item’s details is no more
◆ The report of bug deaths is *not* an exaggeration

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3 Responses to “1Password iOS app gets automatic backups accessible in iTunes, item printing, more”

  1. mockery17 says:

    As much as I like 1Password… gosh, I hate this kind of release notes that attempt to be funny. Very unprofessional. What the hell is “Sync is now much sync-ier?” Is it more reliable? Is it faster? Or that means it really syncs now?


  2. I love 1Password, but I’m a little concerned by the first bullet point: automatic backups available in iTunes. What does that mean? Is my data going to Apple servers?


  3. No Sabo says:

    I like that they attemp to be funny, it feels more personal. Like the Tumblr updates..