In a throwback to Apple’s Think Different campaign, the icon used by OS X for Swift files, Apple’s new programming language. Swift documents have the file extension ‘.swift’.

The code seen in the icon makes reference to the iconic speech, with functions named ‘heresToTheCrazyOnes’ and ‘villify(troubleMaker: NSObject)’. The code also generates collections of ‘misfits’, ‘rebels’ and ‘troublemakers’.

OS X icons often include references to this speech, with both the Notes and TextEdit apps on Mavericks including the speech in a scrawled form in their icons. Sadly, these references appear to have been removed in OS X Yosemite, as part of Apple’s refocusing on icon clarity and simplicity over highly-detailed assets.

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4 Responses to “Easter egg in icons for Swift files features ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ from Think Different campaign”

  1. Is Apple rebranding the crazy ones to now being developers? Like “write the code, change the world.” Since they are the only ones who’s going to see .swift extensions?

    Just a thought.


  2. The bad flappy bird knock-offs are the trouble makers.


  3. There’s nothing crazier than implementing all of your app’s functionality in the App Delegate.