Popular third-party Twitter client Tweetbot for iPhone was updated to version 3.4 with some nice new features and enhancements today. Most notably, the app can now post and view up to four photos per Tweet. This is in line with functionality that Twitter added to its official application a few months ago.

  • Support for viewing/posting multiple twitter images (multiple images won’t show up in search or streaming timeline until Twitter enables it in the future)
  • Image detail views show corresponding tweet when relevant
  • Instagram videos now marked with play icon
  • Spanish Localization

The update, as can be seen in the release notes above, also adds various other images enhancements, a new play icon for Instagram videos, and localization for Spanish. For what it’s worth, users are also reporting that this update fixes some problems for iOS 8 Tweetbot users. The update is free on the App Store, and the app costs $4.99 for new downloads. You can read our full review of Tweetbot 3.0 from launch here.


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6 Responses to “Tweetbot for iPhone can now post and view multiple images per Tweet”

  1. Anybody know if this update fixes the iOS 8 crash?