With Fortune having now filled in the blanks in its analyst roundup, above are the final numbers Wall Street expects Apple to announce at around 1.30pm PT/4.30pm ET this afternoon.

With all 34 analysts having revealed their predictions, the consensus view is for year-on-year revenue to have grown by 8.5 percent, with earnings up 18.1 percent … 

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of that growth is expected to be from iPhone sales, which are expected to have climbed by 14.5 percent. CIRP yesterday indicated that Q3 sales are likely to include a higher percentage of flagship models than was the case last year.

Mac sales, accessory sales and iTunes revenues are all expected to be up on last year, while iPad sales are predicted to be flat. iPod sales are expected to have almost halved, Apple describing it as a “declining business.”

The rise in iPhone sales is large attributed to Chinese and Japanese sales. In addition to the high profile China Mobile and NTT DoCoMo deals, Apple added 49 other international carriers last year.

As ever, we’ll bring you the actual numbers as soon as Apple announces them, with live coverage of the earnings call that follows.

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8 Responses to “Here’s what analysts expect Apple to announce today: revenue up 8.5 percent, earnings up 18 percent”

  1. Neil Martin says:

    And no matter how good the results, shares will be down and the press will put a negative spin on the numbers, while analysts will continue to spout nonsense having been proven wrong yet again in all of their predictions.


    • I don’t think you get how this works. The Stock is already influenced by the predictions of the analysts. Only if everything is as predicted the stock stays where it is because it’s only there because of the predictions. A tiny bit less than expected results in a falling stock. Thats how it’s supposed to be.

      If Analysts say what the think is going to happen, people don’t ignore them. If everyone says apple is doing well, people buy and the stock goes up. Didn’t go as well as expected? People sell again and the stock goes down.


      • whoa! that’s the most logical reply ever on how markets and the behavior of priced-in market expectations work.

        i’m always shocked when people think the stock movement on the date of an announcement happens in a vacuum to anything which has been expected up until that point


  2. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Even if Apple exceeds these expectations, I expect their stock to go down. Wall Street seems to have a warped sense of “success” when it comes to Apple. It’s also possible that their forward looking earnings (with expectations of iPhone 6 success) might give them a boost until the next quarter.


  3. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    I have to agree with the assessment of Apple’s share price on earnings. Apple isn’t traded like Google, Amazon or Netflix. Apple has to meet nearly impossibly high expectations considering the wealth of the company. They expect Apple to grow revenue in percentages like Netflix grows revenue. Google is given a P/E of 30+ although there’s no way in the world Google can get that much revenue in the near-term. If Apple were to design or acquire a search engine and put it as the default on all their iOS devices, Google’s revenue would deflate quickly. Amazon is an entirely different story because the whole value of the company is based on far-off future profits so it doesn’t have to produce anything now to be valuable.

    Far too many pundits continue to predict Apple’s failure due to increased competition in the smartphone business (at the low-end of the market). The news media digs up these anti-Apple pundits just around earnings time to make a point that Apple can fail and investors will be urged to stay away due to the high risk. You won’t find the news media doing that with Google or Amazon. They usually don’t say anything negative about those companies and let investors decide for themselves.

    I’m hoping that at least Apple’s share price doesn’t tank to $90 and I’d be happy with Apple’s share price going up to $97 or so after earnings. I know the stock doesn’t stand a chance of being like Google with a $24 pop but a $3 pop is good for me. Google never misses and even if it does, it never gets scrutinized like Apple does. Google is no more invulnerable than Apple is because if Apple really decided to go after search and offer some challenge it would certainly become an obstacle for Google. That’s mobile space and Google is not as strong in that space. It’s like Wall Street believes Google can always hurt Apple but Apple can never hurt Google and I think that’s a crock of BS. I believe in Tim Cook and feel he’s doing a good job to strengthen the company even further.


  4. I wonder what analysts would say if Apple released a product like Google Glass…


  5. cjt3007 says:

    Wait, what is the point of an article like this? They are going to announce the actual numbers today, why is there any point in “predicting” them?