The Apple TV is showing up as ‘Unavailable for pickup’ at Apple Stores across the U.S., with multiple NY Apple Stores we called saying that in-store stocks had been exhausted by demand created by the promotion offering $25 iTunes credit with every purchase, along with that generated by the upcoming London iTunes festival as well as the recent Lollapalooza livestream. Apple has been promoting the music festival as a good reason to buy the box now … 

The $25 iTunes promotion was first run back in February, prompting speculation that Apple might be clearing stock in readiness for a new model, but the latest information suggests that we won’t be seeing a significant update until next year, in line with our own expectations.

A beta version of the Apple TV software does, however, mean that owners are likely to see a more refined “Flat” user interface in a fall update.

ABC News provided an insight into usage of Apple TV boxes earlier this month, revealing that owners watch 50 percent more live video on Apple TV than on desktop and mobile combined.

Need an Apple TV now? It is still available at Best Buy, Amazon and a lot of other online retailers.

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11 Responses to “Calls to Apple confirm: Apple TV promotion and upcoming iTunes Festival wipe out Store stock, still available for shipping”

  1. I picked one up as part of this promo, and while the BBY didnt give me a iTubes card, they did knock $25 off the price, sonit was $80 and change after tax.

    I got the device because I wanted a secondary display for my laptop, and while it “works” the quality is not at all up to apple standards. Its bad enough that I’ve considered returning it.

    Sure, it does some cool things, and AirPlay is a neat feature, but I can do the same things with other devices that offer better functionality.

    I’d like to see if Apple will take this little guy seriously and move it from a “hobby” to a mainstream product. The UI is very cluttered and boring, and it’s just so… Uninspired.


    • Robert Nixon says:

      It’s not just the UI that’s uninspired, it’s the whole product.

      I bought a second-gen ATV, and was so happy with it I bought a second one. Then, when the third-gen model came out, I bought two on release day, and was a little disappointed that it was basically more of the same, but in 1080p.

      In the two and a half years since, virtually nothing of interest has happened on the ATV front in terms of software or hardware advances. Yeah, we’ve gotten some more content, but most of it requires a cable subscription, and the rest is just not all that interesting. Yeah, they revised the processor, but other than improving power consumption, this has had no affect whatsoever on the performance.

      Meanwhile, the competition has really ramped up their game. Most set top boxes on the market now are able to run apps. Voice search capabilities are quickly becoming the norm. Other than iTunes access, I can’t think of a single compelling feature that the ATV has over the competition at this point.


      • Agreed. Apple needs to add content, maybe not just exclusive content, but “channels” that are separate from cable/sat providers. Why would I put a dish on my house now? But you can’t purchase an “internet only” subscription from Dish Network or DirecTV. Why? Because people are stupid.

        The ATV needs a camera, facetime, apps, and content if it plans on surviving. The remote app for the iPhone is also mediocre. The minimalist approach is ok, but it seems very jumpy.

        If Apple is listening- that AirPlay quality needs serious help. Its fine when the device is being told what content to go fetch, but the extended display for computers is just plain awful.


      • maybe if Yahoo Screen becomes popular enough, they would partner on some sort of original content exclusive to the apple tv. apple has always been about music; perhaps live stream concerts?


  2. Costco is selling the Apple TV for $97.99 with a fee $15 iTunes card and they had plenty of them (just started this month). I think they clearing inventory out ahead of a new model.


  3. I didn’t expect this level of popularity for it being that it’s from 2012.


    • driverbenji says:

      it’s because all set-top boxes are popular right now, this is the only option from Apple…this still will work better than a cheaper Roku (yeah, I know not as many channels, but, includes AirPlay). Also, AirPlay in AppleTV allows newer Mac computer users to use their HDTV as a second monitor, (along with being able to stream itunes music, and show pics/videos from ios devices). …Also, we are not expecting anything major in the way of an upgrade (from Apple) this year, maybe next.


  4. I hope you guys are dead wrong about it being delayed. Cook did say new product categories as in plural. iWatch and new Apple TV were likely what he was talking about, although it’s possible it was delayed.

    I like how 9to5mac said it was originally planned for spring 2014, now it’s been pushed clear to 2015? Seriously? Unless Apple simply wants to wait until they can secure content which likely won’t be happening for a long time if ever, there’s plenty to do to it right now. Namely, making the UI something that makes sense instead of the garbage it is and has become even more so.

    Clicking through dozens of icons to get to the one you want is awful design. It’s become worse because you’re given more channels to add to the growing list of clicking. If there’s ever to be an App Store on it, the first thing you have to do is make a new remote which uses pointing technology (that is incredibly accurate, sensitive, and works) so you can point at what you want and it is highlighted and you press the select button on the remote to access it. Clicking through dozens of icons is bad.


    • Obviously you did not see the update MONTHS ago where you can remove applications from the home screen that you do not want to see. Oh and did you know you can move the apps around just like on a iPhone to make sure the ones you use the most are up front and to the top? I do not use 80% of the stock apps. So I made them disappear. I really do not see why everyone complains about the UI. Its simple, as it should be. My 4 year old knows how to get to all his movies either on netflix or the movies app. It does exactly what is should do and airplay and desktop mirroring works fine with a good internet connection. What do you expect from a 2 year old product? It is time for a refresh I agree but to me it works just fine and has been well worth the $99 3 times over with three different TVs in the house.


  5. coinaphrase says:

    There are definite advantages to Apple to spend more time to have next gen technologies mature a bit more. Tech such as hdmi 2.0, 4k display, 802.11ac wave 2, hevc v2, Bluetooth 4.1 would be very attractive and useful in a new model. But these are just on the cusp of being ready to include in a shipping product. Let’s see how aggressive Apple is in releasing these ahead of others.