Beats Music iTunes Festival

In addition to updating the iTunes Festival lineup with new acts including Ed Sheeran and deadmau5 and reviving the Apple TV channel for viewing the concert on-demand and live, Apple’s recently acquired Beats Music is now promoting the iTunes Festival with a contest to attend the music festival in London. While tickets to Apple’s annual music event are free for attendees (and very limited), the contest by Beats Music to attend the iTunes Festival covers airfare both to and from London.

The promotion of the iTunes Festival in London by Beats Music, which requires users to download and sign up for the Beats Music service, is the latest in series of moves by Apple to promote Beats since Beats Electronics and Beats Music officially joined Apple earlier this month.

Other changes include online sales of products by Beats redirecting to Apple’s online store as part of the Cupertino-company taking over the audio equipment and music streaming company. Apple has since updated its store with a dedicated “Beats by Dr. Dre” section prominently displaying the products followed by a brief discount on all its hardware.

Apple has also pushed the subscription-based on-demand music streaming service by adding Beats Music to the list of apps users first see when visiting the App Store as well as promoting Beats Music to the App Store’s “Apps Made by Apple” list. Apple has also promoted the Beats Music app and service in a new email blast to iTunes customers sharing news that it’s now an Apple service.

Apple first announced plans to acquire Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion earlier this year with the deal closing earlier this month.

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4 Responses to “Apple promoting iTunes Festival contest within Beats Music in push for new users”

  1. I still think Apple paid close to $3 billion too much for Beats. Maybe one day they’ll expand the music service to more countries than just the US – it would have been cheaper and likely easier to pick up rivals that already had more established services covering more regions. The G has been doing this, even if they have a track record of ruining everything they acquire.


  2. When Beats Music App for Europe?


  3. If you’re looking for a different music app that helps you find music that’s not available on Beats, check out Whyd:


  4. Beats Music and Apple–a winning combination. Can’t wait to see more of what will be offered in the future!! :)