Update: The bad DNS entries appear to almost completely be purged and it appears that Apple services are working correctly. 

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Apple’s website and online stores are experiencing issues for many users, according to various tips and reports we’ve received across Twitter. Apple.com, iTunes, the App Store, and some other web services (but not all) are all reporting that they are unavailable.

Some services (like iMessage and Game Center) seem to be unaffected at the moment.

The problem appears to be DNS related and seems to only be affecting Google DNS (Update: and now even more) servers. Other name services are showing proper DNS entries for Apple.  It isn’t yet clear if Google’s DNS is to blame or if it is just the first to propagate what appear to be incorrect DNS entries.

The list below shows the IP addresses associated with the Apple.com domain name through a variety of name servers. The list indicates that Google and Speakeasy’s DNS servers are affected, while others have yet to propagate the new information.


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