Apple’s iPhone and MacBook both made appearances in Beats’ new headphones ad celebrating the World Cup. Apple, of course, announced that it is buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion last week, a deal it expects to be approved by the end of September, and featured a Beats plug earlier this week at WWDC when Dr. Dre was phoned in to the keynote and Eddy Cue was photographed wearing Beats headphones…

Samsung’s celebrity spokesperson LeBron James, who has previously appeared in Samsung ads taunting Apple products, even makes an appearance in the cinematic ad.

Ad Age reports that the Samsung spokesperson could continue to make endorsements for the Apple-owned Beats going forward as well:

Among the celebrities to make a cameo in the film is LeBron James, a Samsung endorser. “He heard about the commercial; he wanted to be in it,” Mr. Johnson said of the NBA star, who once appeared in an ad panning Apple products.

Later, when asked by Ad Age, Mr. Johnson suggested Beats would not turn down future appearances from Samsung’s celebrity salesman. “He’s going to be all over the place,” said Mr. Johnson.

“He’s part of the Beats family,” a company spokeswoman added.

The ad is about five minutes long and contains a few scenes that made be a bit NSFW as they’re risqué in nature. Overall, the ad is probably more intense than anything we’ve seen out of Apple thus far including last night’s new health & fitness iPhone ad with a twangy tune.

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