Apple Watch press

According to Forbes, Microsoft will soon enter the wearable market with a competing smartwatch device. The report says the device will track heart rate for fitness, matching Apple Watch and other Android smartwatches.

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In terms of battery life, Forbes says the watch will ‘boast’ two days of life. Apple has been coy about saying anything specific about Apple Watch longevity, although it is implied to last less than a day as Apple suggests charging it every night. Obviously, battery life depends on many factors (which is often a tradeoff with functionality), but it seems that Microsoft may have an edge in this department if the rumor is true.

A lot more goes into a smartwatch than battery life of course. Other details about Microsoft’s first attempt are not known, but the report says to expect an announcement soon as the company wants to hit a holiday release. By contrast, Apple Watch will launch in early 2015.

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