SwiftKey, one of the more popular third party iOS 8 keyboards on the App Store, is out with a new version today adding both new features and additional languages.

Since iOS 8, SwiftKey had been able to replace the standard Apple iOS keyboard, and the new version also packs in the complete Emoji keyboard in one package. This makes it even more simple (👌) to find that smiling pile of poo (💩) or slice of pizza (🍕) when you need it without having to toggle between system keyboards. Similar to Apple’s QuickType predictive text feature, the latest SwiftKey update also adds Emoji predictions to the word suggestion area.

In addition to the new Emoji to SwiftKey, the iPad version of the keyboard now includes the same SwiftKey Flow gesture typing feature as the iPhone version. This allows you to trace your finger around the on-screen tablet keyboard to input text in quick swiping motions without having to peck out individual letters at a time.

The new version also adds support for keyboard click sounds just like the default Apple system keyboard. The sound option is turned off by default, but you can now enable it in the SwiftKey app advanced settings. Here you’ll also find options to pick between the default dark keyboard option or a more iOS 8-like light option.Rounding out the update, SwiftKey now supports 11 more languages than previous versions including:

  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Greek
  • Hinglish
  • Icelandic
  • Indonesian
  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Turkish

SwiftKey previously added four additional languages through its November update.

You can get SwiftKey for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free on the App Store with iOS 8.

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