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Pangu has today released the first public untethered jailbreak for iOS 9, which can be installed on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This includes the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and every public version of iOS 9 (iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2), meaning its now technically possible to reach beyond what’s possible in the Apple App Store on Apple’s latest devices. The jailbreak software is available for free, but right now there’s only a Windows installer available. Mac support will probably follow in the future but a date has not been announced.

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As with all unofficial unsupported software for iOS, 9to5Mac would advise proceeding with caution before installing the jailbreak. Make sure to backup your devices in case of data loss and remember that jailbreaking will void your warranty, if Apple repair staff detect it has been used. We have confirmed that the jailbreak does work but results may vary so be sure to keep backups.

As with all software of this ilk, there are a few gotchas to keep in mind. The Pangu FAQ recommends disabling Find My iPhone and passcodes to maximise the success rate of the jailbreak process. The jailbreak process also clashes with the iOS system OTA updater. If you find the iOS 9 jailbreak failing repeatedly, try doing a full restore of the iPhone firmware through iTunes before attempting a jailbreak again. Check out the Pangu website for more details.

The importance of jailbreaking iOS devices has gone way down as Apple gradually implements many of the key jailbreak apps in the OS, especially with the inclusion of stuff like extensibility and Notification Center widgets. However, there are still some definite benefits you can get from access to an unmonitored, unregulated app store. Steve Troughton Smith this morning showed a proof-of-concept hack to get split-screen iOS 9 multitasking working on an iPad Air via the Pangu jailbreak. You can grab the code for this from GitHub.

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