Yet another developer has tapped into Apple’s new pressure sensitive 3D Touch display technology on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to create a real digital scale app, but this time Apple has given word that it won’t allow the apps on the App Store.

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As demonstrated by another developer earlier this month, devs have realized that Apple’s new pressure sensitive display tech can be used for more than just the 3D Touch features it’s allowing developers to integrate in their apps. In fact, it makes developing a real digital scale app for the iPhone a reality. Up until now, the digital scale apps on the App Store have mostly been for novelty purposes and don’t actually work as a functioning scale.

Ryan McLeod has developed a digital scale app using the iPhone 6s tech, but confirmed that Apple isn’t yet allowing the apps on the App Store. He penned a post about the app and how it works, and explained that Apple ultimately rejected the app even after appeals (via The Verge).

To make a long story short the final answer over the phone was that the concept of a scale app was not appropriate for the App Store… Maybe it’s because the screen could get damaged if people tried dropping heavy weights on their phone..

McLeod gave a look at how the app works in a demo video submitted to Apple along with his app submission:


The developer speculates that Apple’s rejection is likely due to potential damage of the device when users weigh objects on the display, or it could be due to simple misuse of the API (somewhat of a grey area for apps in general). McLeod also notes that digital scales are also sometimes associated with drug use, but with an accuracy between 1–3 grams that likely isn’t a reason for Apple to reject the app.

It’s possible Apple could allow these apps on the App Store in the future, but for now it appears it’s not allowing apps that take advantage of 3D Touch outside of the authorized APIs.

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