Apple is looking very comfortably on-track for its goal of 40 retail stores in China by October as it has announced that two more stores will open this month. That will bring the total in China to 32, four of them opening this month alone …


First up, on January 16, will be Apple’s second store in Nanjing, this one in the IST mall at 100 Zhongshan Road in the Xuanwu District. Apple also has a flagship store in Shanghai on the East Nanjing Road. This will be followed on January 28 by the company’s first store in Guangzhou, at Parc Central, 218, Tianhe Road in the Tianhe District.

Nanjing is the second-largest city in East China, with a population of a little over eight million. It is a historically important city in China, having served as the capitals of a number of dynasties, kingdoms and republican governments dating back to the 3rd century.

Guangzhou is the third-largest city in China, with a population of 13M, with good transport links to both Hong Kong and Macau.

Apple is clearly continuing to bet big on what is expected to become its largest market worldwide despite concerns about the economy of the country.

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