Picture in picture is a useful feature that lets you continue what you’re watching while in a different app. For example, you can reply to an email while watching a TV show on Netflix. However, some may prefer to stick to the single app experience on the iPad. Follow along to learn how to disable picture in picture on iPad.

How to disable picture in picture on iPad

  1. On your iPad, open Settings > General > Multitasking & Dock.
  2. Toggle Picture in Picture off.

Now, when leaving an app such as Netflix or Safari with a video playing, the video will no longer pop over the top of the screen and you’ll need to stay within said app to watch the video.

To re-enable this feature, simply toggle Picture in Picture on. Note that even with this feature on, the app needs to support PiP. For the most part, most applications support PiP, with the biggest holdout being YouTube. PiP is only available on the iPad at the time of writing so this won’t work on iPhone or Apple TV.

Picture in picture is available on the Mac, however it works differently than on the iPad. You won’t be able to disable picture in picture in macOS. However, picture in picture on the Mac requires you to activate it manually.

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