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iPhone Stories January 14

New video offers detailed look at historically significant iPhone 4S prototype

A new video published by the YouTube channel Apple Demo this week offers a really interesting look at a prototype version of the iPhone 4S. The video shows the iPhone 4S during the design validation testing phase of its development, with an interesting tie to Steve Jobs’ tenure at Apple.

iPhone Stories February 23, 2010

Notes from Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs talk (Updated with transcript)

Apple COO Tim Cook spent an hour this afternoon answering analyst questions about Apple.

You can hear the audio here.

Update: We’ve pasted the full text of Cook’s Q&A below:

iPhone Stories January 6, 2011

Mac OS X 10.6.6 ships — App Store is open

Apple has confounded industry watchers who expected the rumored noon launch time and the Mac App Store is available immediately, with over 1,000 apps available to download. Fire up Software Update and go grab it, people…(and read this while you wait). Update: No iWork 11, but you can get the individual apps and Aperture here. […]

iPhone Stories December 27, 2010

How will Apple battle the $100 Android device?

From Fortune: Tran says that [Android] phones made from the BCM2157 chipset will retail for under $100 and may dip as low as $75. Those devices should debut in just 3-6 months (and we might hear about them next month at CES). That means that popular pre-paid Android devices that currently can be found as low […]

Apple announces Q1 earnings conference call for January 18th

According to, Apple will have its Q1 2011 conference call on January 18th.  Tune in here to find out how many Macs and  iOS devices Apple sold during the holiday and perhaps we’ll get another cameo by CEO Steve Jobs.

iPhone Stories January 3, 2011

AAPL market cap breaks $300 billion barrier

Apple remains the world’s most valuable company (after Exxon) with a market cap that this morning exceeded $300 billion, reports declare. On active trade on the Dow Apple (AAPL) rose $7 to hit a new record intraday high this morning — right now Apple stock sits near $330 per share for a market cap of over […]

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