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January 7

Defining the decade: ten years of Apple on one page

Apple entered the 2010s just as the iPhone began to explode in popularity. The iPhone became the most successful consumer product, ever. Sales surged for another five years and still make up a majority of Apple’s revenues. However, we exit the decade with the iPhone making up a smaller portion of Apple’s business than ever […]

August 22, 2011

Intel not dismissing rumors of Apple’s notebook transition to ARM chips

Earlier today my colleague Jordan Kahn told you about a story ran by the Japanese hit-and-miss blog, Macotakara, which in a nutshell calls for a brand new Mac product family. It is being described as radically “different from current products”, so much different in fact that Apple might market the mysterious products under a new product name. […]

September 29, 2011

Acer: Ultrabooks will eat iPad’s lunch… Next year

Acer’s brand spanking new MacBook Air challenger: The Ultrabook Aspire S3. Acer vice president Scott Lin is drumming up Ultrabooks, low-powered, ultra-thin and ultra-portable Windows PCs akin to the MacBook Air based on Intel’s latest chips and reference designs. Lin estimated that Ultrabooks will account for nearly one-third (30 percent) of the worldwide consumer notebook […]

September 26, 2011

Judge may grant a “brief” injunction on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia

Apple in August secured a temporary ban on Samsung’s planned Galaxy Tab 10.1 release in Australia. Today is the first day of a two-day hearing over the matter and Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett said she needed more time to dive into Apple’s claims before she ruled on Apple’s request for an injunction. Bennett observed […]

June 2, 2011

For $250, Crux wants to turn your iPad into a badass little 360 degree laptop with extra battery

The laptop mods keep coming but this one might be our favorite so far. The new Crux Case Loaded comes with an extra battery and working bluetooth trackpad and will be available in July for $250. Older models without are a somewhat more reasonable $150.

August 3, 2011

DigiTimes: Apple’s MacBook Air is pricing Intel-based Ultrabooks out of the market

Asian trade publication DigiTimes reports this morning that next-gen notebooks built around Intel’s Ultrabook platform “may suffer defeat if not less expensive than MacBook Air”. The entry-level MacBook Air lowers the price barrier to just $999, which gets you up to an 11-inch screen, a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 chip and 64GB of flash […]

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