AgileBits Stories March 28, 2018

1Password has become the standard for password management software within the tech community, and today 1Password is taking its Mac client to the next level. AgileBits has released its first beta of 1Password 7 for the Mac and it is packed full of features.

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AgileBits Stories April 4, 2016

1Password 6.2 for Mac adds automatic login naming + upgraded data importer

Juggling passwords for all the digital services we manage these days is no easy task with varying rules and expiring credentials all the time, but 1Password makes the process both more secure and way more convenient. Rather than using a version of a few passwords that you can actually remember, 1Password easily lets you generate strong, randomized passwords for each service that you protect behind a single secure password, then browser extensions and action extensions on OS X and iOS make password entry super simple.

The latest update to 1Password for Mac, version 6.2, adds a couple of minor but useful enhancements to the desktop experience. First, intelligence behind the automatic login and password filler is smarter in the new version, which means using the keyboard shortcut or browser extension to fill in your info will fail fewer times. The database upgrade also means that naming new logins will be easier as 1Password will be smarter about guessing what website you’re new login is for.

If you’re new to 1Password or setting up friends or family, 1Password 6.2 for Mac also includes a more intelligent data importer for users moving from other password management apps. This follows the introduction of new features like 1Password for Families and Teams, which are also improved in this version, as well as 1Password mini for the Menu Bar on OS X.

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AgileBits Stories February 16, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.40.39 PM

1Password, the popular service that allows users to securely store their various passwords, has today announced a new plan for families that makes it considerably more affordable. In a blog post, AgileBits, the company behind the service, detailed 1Password for Families, explaining that the service costs $5 per month for a family of five, while additional people can be added for $1 per month.

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AgileBits Stories January 11, 2016

1Password 3D Touch

AgileBits has updated its popular login manager app 1Password to include new features for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as well as other security and function enhancements for all users. 1Password 6.2 for iOS adds 3D Touch quick actions from the Home screen icon plus Peek and Pop for previewing items within the app. Pressing the app icon firmly on the latest iPhone models lets you quickly search for items, jump to your favorited passwords, or create new entries. Once you open the app, 3D Touch lets you preview items and swipe up to access popular functions like copying usernames and passwords or opening the 1Browser within the app. There are also a few new security and convenience enhancements for all iPhone and iPad users…

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AgileBits Stories July 30, 2014

The popular password and security management app 1Password has already previewed its iOS 8 extension and Touch ID support for unlocking and accessing its content outside of its iOS app, and today AgileBits has announced its 1Password app extension for third party apps as you can see in the video above. expand full story

AgileBits Stories December 6, 2013

1Password for Mac, the popular password management app that we love here at 9to5Mac, has been updated to version 4.1 with a huge list of improvements, fixes, and additions. The first of these new additions is a new multi-column display mode with customizable column sizes.

One of the key changes to the app’s browser plugin is an updated auto-save system for new logins. Whenever you enter a password on a site you haven’t previously saved, 1Password will offer to store the password for you. With today’s update, you’ll now be able to use this feature to update existing passwords that have been previously saved. You can also tag your new auto-saved items right from the auto-save panel.

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AgileBits Stories October 3, 2013


Back in December, AgileBits released 1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad. The app presented a completely revamped take on password security, but lacked feature parity with the Mac version of the software.

Today, 1Password for Mac has been updated to version 4, bringing a ton of new features to the Mac. In fact, the update brings so many new capabilities that the Mac version of 1Password has now surpassed the iOS version in features. This is a massive release with a completely redesigned interface, overhauled browser extensions, support for new types of saved items, enhanced security, and more.

Find our complete review below:

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