Duolingo Stories March 16

I reviewed Duolingo last month and said then that the signs were encouraging, but the real test would come when I visited Buenos Aires.

I’d been impressed overall, but did have one concern …

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Duolingo Stories February 2

Duolingo is one of the world’s most popular apps, consistently ranking in the top two or three educational apps, and a hugely popular way to learn a language.

All of which had, until very recently, been completely irrelevant to me. I’m generally a fast learner, and have picked up a diverse range of skills over the years, but have always been completely hopeless when it comes to learning languages …

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Duolingo Stories August 5, 2021

Duolingo working on new app to help kids learn math

You may already know Duolingo for its language-learning app, but the company now wants to expand its portfolio with a new app to help kids learn math. However, this new app still seems to be far from being officially released as the company has confirmed that the development process is still in the early stages.

Duolingo Stories March 26, 2020

Duolingo ABC arrives as free interactive iOS app without ads to teach kids to read

Over the years, Duolingo has become one of the most popular ways to learn a new language. It shook up the market using a free model with gamification, no ads, and a focus on high-frequency words to become conversational in a new language quickly. Now the company has launched Duolingo ABC to teach kids to read.

Duolingo Stories October 29, 2019

Duolingo Stories provide a fun way to test your language skills in the iOS app

Learning a new language can be hard work, and testing your reading and listening comprehension isn’t always the most riveting part of the process. Duolingo Stories is designed to change that, providing a more interesting way to map your progress…

Duolingo Stories August 28, 2019

The Duolingo iOS app can now help you learn Latin, a language which hasn’t been widely spoken since the mid-19th century…

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Duolingo Stories October 7, 2016


The best way to practice your language skills is through conversation; easy if you live in the country concerned, or are surrounded by those who speak the language, not so easy otherwise. This is the problem Duolingo has set out to solve with the latest update to its language-learning app.

Duolingo’s iOS app now allows you to have text chats with AI bots. The bots will converse with you in the form of three different ‘personalities,’ and will help you out with suggestions if you’re struggling to reply …

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Duolingo Stories January 7, 2014

Today, Apple has announced that App Store sales topped $10 billion in 2013. In December alone, customers spent over $1 billion in the store, a record-breaking figure — the most successful month in App Store history. In total, developers for iOS and OS X have now earned $15 billion on the App Store.

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Duolingo Stories October 3, 2013

Duolingo, the fun language-learning app for iPhone and iPad, beautifully redesigned for iOS 7

Duolingo for iPhone and iPad joined the collection of apps designed with iOS 7 in mind today with the release of Duolingo 3.

Duolingo is a free iOS app that makes learning a second language like Spanish or French easy and fun, and its redesign for iOS 7 is certainly delightful.

We don’t always redesign the app for iOS 7, but when we do, we prefer to go the whole way. From an entirely new look to exciting end screens showing your weekly progress, Duolingo has been completely redesigned for iOS 7. It’s faster, better, and more fun!

You can find Duolingo for free on the App Store.

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