Patent Stories June 25

An Apple Watch camera is one of the things that could make it more practical for the wearable device to eventually replace an iPhone.

But even if Apple included a camera in a future watch, there’s an obvious problem …

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Patent Stories April 15

The main Apple versus Qualcomm court battle, which starts today, looks set to be by far the world’s biggest patent or antitrust case, making previous lawsuits seem trivial in comparison.

Apple and four of its suppliers are jointly seeking a staggering total of up to $30B in damages and other payments from Qualcomm, dwarfing even the largest of previous patent and antitrust cases …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Patent Stories April 12

It seems a given that Apple will bring Face ID to Macs sooner rather than later, now that the tech has been extended from iPhones to iPads too. We’ve today seen the latest in a series of Apple patent applications to do just that.

But the patent also suggests the Touch Bar could be coming to Magic Keyboards

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Patent Stories April 11

Patent troll accuses Apple of infringing 16 patents in respect of iCloud, macOS, iOS, more [U]

A lawsuit filed filed by a company in – you guessed it – the Eastern District of Texas accuses Apple of infringing no fewer than 16 separate patents. It was filed by Seven Networks …

Patent Stories February 28

A folding iPhone patent application shows how Apple might solve one of the problems posed by a foldable display.

The application was published at a time when several Android manufacturers have announced folding smartphones, and there’s much speculation about Apple’s plans …

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Patent Stories January 25

New patents granted to Apple today reveal some of the possible problems its now-fabled AirPower mat might have needed to resolve before its public release, including what Apple calls a “magnetic vision system”.

Recently, we’ve been hearing reports of AirPower hitting the production stage, however, with Apple still tight-lipped on the product since last year, today’s patents offer another glimmer of hope.

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