Patent Stories May 8

Apple has today been awarded a patent for technology intended for use in a ‘circular display.’ The patent text specifically references a wristwatch as one application, and one of the illustrations looks very much like a watch …

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Patent Stories May 1

Corephotonics, a company with patents for smartphone dual-camera technology, has filed a second patent infringement claim against Apple.

The company first sued Apple in November of last year. At that point, the claimed infringement related to the dual-lens system used in the iPhone 7 Plus, while the latest case targets the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X also …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Patent Stories April 12

Apple is no stranger to lawsuits from companies claiming that the iPhone maker has infringed their patents. The latest of these is from a Korean company alleging that it holds a patent to one key aspect of Touch ID

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Patent Stories March 16

When Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007, he made much of the fact that other smartphones of the time had physical keyboards. That was, he said, an inflexible approach when you didn’t need a keyboard all the time, and where the optimal keyboard layout may depend on which app you’re using.

The same argument could be made for a laptop, but while an on-screen keyboard is fine for small amounts of typing, it can never replace a physical laptop keyboard – unless it could act and feel like a real one. And that’s what Apple tackles in a new patent application …

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Patent Stories March 8

Patent suggests next generation Lightning connector with waterproof seal

While nobody should base their purchasing decisions on patents, it’s always interesting to see what companies are working on behind the scenes. Today, it looks like Apple is working on a next generation Lightning connector.

Patent Stories February 27

Apple has today been granted a patent for an Apple Watch charging carrying case which works like the AirPods case – providing somewhere to store the Watch when not in use, while simultaneously recharging it. The design is significantly different to that offered with the original $10k+ Apple Watch Edition.

While a charging case for a device typically worn all day might sound less useful than the AirPods case, it makes more sense when you read the details …

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