Patent Stories November 26

If you keep your iPhone in a case, as most people do, you’ll know that volume and power buttons can lose their nice definitive clicking sensation, and instead feel rather squishy. That’s a problem Apple thinks it can solve …

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Patent Stories November 9

One of the key features of Apple’s HomePod speaker is the beamforming technology used to adjust the sound output to the shape of the room, and using those same microphones for a neat Siri trick. By cancelling out the music output, Siri commands can be easily heard by the speaker even when it is blasting out music at full volume.

A new Apple patent application, published today, suggests that Apple may be seeking to use the same basis of that beamforming tech in its rumored over-ear headphones, to achieve two things …

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Patent Stories October 18

Apple patent application describes how Apple Maps could get smarter

An Apple patent application published today describes what Patently Apple suggests may be a new all-in-one Travel app – but more likely describes ways to make Apple Maps smarter …

Patent Stories October 16

Apple has today been granted another patent for a foldable display – the most likely use for which would be a folding iPhone …

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Patent Stories September 28

Back in 2015, the University of Wisconsin successfully convinced a court that Apple’s A-series chips infringed on a patent for a method of boosting the efficiency of integrated circuits. The iPhone maker was subsequently ordered to pay damages.

But Apple appealed, with a two-prong defence, and has now succeeded in getting the judgement reversed …

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Patent Stories September 6

An interesting Apple patent application published today describes how an AI system could help car drivers identify pedestrians and other hazards when driving at night or in poor visibility …

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