Patent Stories July 12

Apple regularly faces lawsuits from patent trolls – companies whose only business is buying patents and then suing companies for alleged infringement of them.

We noted only yesterday one relating to the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature introduced in iOS 11, and today there’s a report of a new claim that Siri infringes a similarly purchased patent …

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Patent Stories July 11

Patent troll SMTM Technology is suing Apple for alleged patent infringement over the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature introduced in iOS 11 …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Patent Stories June 14

Apple may have seemingly modified its ambitions from a self-driving car to technology which can be used in other manufacturer’s vehicles, but it’s still doing plenty of work on making that tech as smart as possible.

A new patent application published today describes a number of different methods a self-driving car could use to figure out exactly where its owner wants to go …

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Patent Stories May 27

Apple is continuing work on a new kind of hinge design for its devices. The company has been perfecting its work here since 2013 and this week, the European Patent Office published Apple’s latest patent claim additions, which emphasize the usefulness of this flexible hinge design for MacBooks…

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Patent Stories May 24

iOS 11 satisfied one of our feature requests: a function which mutes and automatically replies to incoming messages while you’re driving. Some 781 million miles of driving data seems to support the contention that it helps to reduce distracted driving.

A new Apple patent application describes what may be the next step in the development of this feature …

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Patent Stories May 8

Apple has today been awarded a patent for technology intended for use in a ‘circular display.’ The patent text specifically references a wristwatch as one application, and one of the illustrations looks very much like a watch …

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