Patent Stories January 25

New patents granted to Apple today reveal some of the possible problems its now-fabled AirPower mat might have needed to resolve before its public release, including what Apple calls a “magnetic vision system”.

Recently, we’ve been hearing reports of AirPower hitting the production stage, however, with Apple still tight-lipped on the product since last year, today’s patents offer another glimmer of hope.

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Patent Stories January 24

Apple gains patent for future iPhones and Apple Watches to act as poisonous gas and CO detectors [U]

Apple has been granted a patent today which illustrates how future products such as iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch could have built-in sensors to detect harmful, poisonous gasses, such as CO or CO2 — often dubbed a silent killer due to its odorless, tasteless yet toxic state.

Patent Stories December 26, 2018

Texas-based patent troll sues over alleged Apple Pay infringement

Apple has been sued by Texas company Fintiv, who describe themselves as a “new company created by experienced hands.” They are claiming Apple Pay infringes upon an acquired Korean patent that Fintiv owns.

Though touting “over 20 years experience”, Fintiv was founded in 2018 and employs somewhere between 11-50 staff members in the mobile payments and marketing industry.

Patent Stories December 17, 2018

While everyone I know who owns an iPhone or iPad with Face ID would never want to go back to Touch ID, the older technology does have its fans. An Apple patent raises a slim possibility of a future iPhone combining both forms of biometric authentication tech …

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

Patent Stories November 26, 2018

If you keep your iPhone in a case, as most people do, you’ll know that volume and power buttons can lose their nice definitive clicking sensation, and instead feel rather squishy. That’s a problem Apple thinks it can solve …

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Patent Stories November 9, 2018

One of the key features of Apple’s HomePod speaker is the beamforming technology used to adjust the sound output to the shape of the room, and using those same microphones for a neat Siri trick. By cancelling out the music output, Siri commands can be easily heard by the speaker even when it is blasting out music at full volume.

A new Apple patent application, published today, suggests that Apple may be seeking to use the same basis of that beamforming tech in its rumored over-ear headphones, to achieve two things …

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