Robinhood Stories August 4

Robinhood stock trading app suspends trading in its own shares as suspension ordered

The story of the Robinhood stock trading app has come full circle. Once host to stock-pumping that saw near-worthless stocks like GME reach stratospheric levels before the app paused trading in them, the app has now paused trading in its own stock as a temporary trading halt was imposed …

Robinhood Stories February 5

Robinhood trading limits all removed as volatility settles

Robinhood trading limits have now been completely removed, once more allowing users to buy unlimited shares in GameStock and other stocks pumped on Reddit …

Robinhood Stories February 4

The wild Reddit GameStop ride may now be over, say analysts, as Robinhood further eased trading restrictions. The stock, which peaked at close to $500 per share, has now fallen to a little over $90.

Redditors in r/wallstreetbets had been urged to hang in there, in the belief that more investors who had shorted the stock would be forced to pay high prices to exit their positions, but this no longer looks likely …

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Robinhood Stories February 2

Allegations of a Robinhood collusion with Citadel are being investigated by Congress, and a new report today says that CEO Vlad Tenev will testify before the House Financial Services Committee.

The investigation follows Robinhood customers being locked out of buying further shares in GME and other stocks at a time at which they were rapidly increasing in value…

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Robinhood Stories February 1

Robinhood trading restrictions for GME and other stocks were bad for customers, the company has admitted. However, CEO Vlad Tenev denied that the company had been pressured into this by hedge fund and business partner Citadel, saying that the company had been left with no choice.

Tenev said that the volume and value of trades meant that its deposit requirements rocketed …

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Robinhood Stories January 29

Update 2: The SEC is now investigating (see bottom of piece)

Update 1: You can now buy GME stock in the app.

The Robinhood app controversy continues to grow, with the company finding itself under fire from almost every direction. As one Twitter user wryly observed:

Just imagine how badly you would have to **** up to get AOC, Don Jr., Ro Khanna and Ted Cruz all on the same page.

But the debate about the company’s motives may now have been resolved …

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Robinhood Stories January 28

Robinhood restricts trading of GME and other stocks due to ‘recent volatility’

Popular stock trading app Robinhood has responded to the GameStop (GME) craziness by allowing users to sell GME, but not buy it. The company claims the change was made due to ongoing volatility.

Robinhood Stories January 27

iPhone: How to protect your Robinhood account with two-factor authentication

Robinhood has been around since 2015 but it’s become more popular than ever recently as one of the best ways to trade stocks/invest for free. Let’s look at how to turn on Robinhood 2FA (two-factor authentication) on iPhone to secure your investment account.

Robinhood Stories February 20, 2020

Robinhood for iOS adding new profiles feature, additional customization options, more

Robinhood is one of the most popular zero commission trading applications for iPhone, and it has received a notable update today. As announced on the Robinhood Blog, the app has added new investment profiles, additional control and customization options, and more.

Robinhood Stories December 11, 2014

Robinhood App

For several years, my grandmother has encouraged me to get involved with the stock market. While she was successful at persuading my older brother into investing in penny stocks, I have never taken the initiative to learn how the stock market truly works. For that reason, I was excited when I heard about a brand new app called Robinhood, which provides zero-commission stock trading at your fingertips.

While online brokers are nothing new, with existing firms such as Interactive Brokers and E-Trade, Robinhood is a mobile-first service that doesn’t require a desktop. Whether you are a twenty-something college student that doesn’t fully understand how the stock market functions, an experienced Wall Street stock trader, or fall somewhere in between, the app makes stock trading easier for the masses. expand full story

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