Search Ads Stories August 22, 2018

Apple rolls out App Store Search Ads to new countries across North America, Europe & Asia

Last month, Apple announced that it was continuing its expansion of App Store Search Ads around the world, and today the platform has gone live in 12 additional countries in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Search Ads Stories July 25, 2018

Apple today is expanding its Search Ads program to handful of new countries. As reported by TechCrunch, Search Ads is now available to developers in six new countries across Europe and Asia…

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Search Ads Stories June 1, 2018

The Wall Street Journal has published a new report detailing one thing we might expect to see on stage at WWDC next week: a digital ad platform expansion. According to the Journal, Apple has been in talks with major apps including Snapchat and Pinterest about the project:

Over the past year, Apple has met with Snap Inc., Pinterest Inc. and other companies about participating in an Apple network that would distribute ads across their collective apps, the people said. Apple would share revenue with the apps displaying the ads, with the split varying from app to app, they said.

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Search Ads Stories February 6, 2018

In a rather embarrassing screw up, some developers are receiving Search Ad Basic report emails featuring details for apps that aren’t theirs. This includes information that is usually confidential such as number of installs from the ad campaign as well as how much was spent.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of systemic Apple ID hack; it just looks like a buggy email daemon is sending out the wrong information to different people.

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Search Ads Stories December 5, 2017

Last year’s search ads changed the way Apple’s App Store functioned in a fundamental way by surfacing promoted (and sometimes irrelevant) apps into search results. With the latest update to the program, developers have a new way to pay for app promotion, the ability to pay for installs.

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Search Ads Stories October 17, 2017

App Store Search Ads go live today in Canada, Mexico, and Switzerland

App Store Search Ads will start showing up on more iPhones and iPads from today as the inventory expands to Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Search Ads Stories October 10, 2017

App Store Search Ads expand to Canada, Mexico, and Switzerland

Apple today has announced that its App Store Search Ads will be coming to three more countries next week, bringing the total available countries up to seven.

Search Ads Stories April 19, 2017

Apple’s App Store Search Ads have expanded to other countries today alongside some new improvements for campaigns. Search Ads are now available for campaigns in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Apple has also introduced a new role for developers to help with Search Ads campaign management.

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