VirnetX Stories March 13

[Apple pays VirnetX in end to legal battle] Supreme Court shoots down Apple’s VirnetX patent appeal in $440M decision

The decade-long legal battle between Apple and VirnetX may be coming to an end. Today the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Apple to hear the case in which it may end up owing VirnetX $440 million.

VirnetX Stories January 15, 2019

U.S. Court of Appeals denies Apple’s $440 million appeal against VirnetX in ongoing court battle

A U.S. appeals court has today ruled against Apple’s $440 million appeal in its ongoing court battle with patent troll company VirnetX.

VirnetX Stories April 10, 2018

Apple’s never-ending battle with notorious patent troll VirnetX continues today. According to a new report from Bloomberg, an Eastern Texas court has ruled that Apple infringes on four VirnetX patents and must pay $502.6 million in damages…

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VirnetX Stories October 16, 2017

Update: Apple says it will appeal.

We may have finally reached the finale in Apple’s years-long patent case with VirnetX. The firm announced on Monday that it was awarded $439.7 million in its case against Apple over patents it claims Apple used for iMessage and FaceTime.

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VirnetX Stories August 1, 2016


Back in February an East Texas court ruled that Apple must pay more than $625 million in damages to VirnetX over patent infringement related to iMessage and FaceTime. The patent case was especially notable for being one of the highest amounts rewarded in history, but the plaintiff in the case wasn’t satisfied and asked for $190 million more in damages four months later. But for now it’s back to the step one for Apple and VirnetX in this case as a federal judge has decided the case must be revisited…

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VirnetX Stories May 26, 2016


Infamous patent troll VirnetX has formally asked a Texas court this week to order Apple to stop providing its FaceTime and iMessage features to customers. The request follows VirnetX’s victory in court earlier this year to the tune of $625 million, which the firm wants to see increased by $190 million or more, Law360 reports:

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