June 8

AAPL: 154.99


June 5

AAPL: 153.93


When Apple’s AirPods initially launched, one of the most obvious complaints was limitations with the controls. Being stuck with a couple of double-tap commands wasn’t enough for most users. With iOS 11, users will gain the ability to adjust the AirPods’ double-tap action with new control options.

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June 1

AAPL: 153.18


May 29

AAPL: 153.61


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has implied that Apple is too big a company to come up with the next big thing in tech.

Interviewed by Bloomberg on what are likely to be the biggest tech breakthroughs in the coming years, and which companies are likely to make them, Woz didn’t list Apple as a contender. A later comment he made underlined the fact that he doesn’t think it will be Apple …

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May 25

AAPL: 153.87


May 20

AAPL: 153.06


Apple is again said to make a visit to the White House in the coming weeks. According to a new report from Recode, Apple is among a handful of companies who will meet with White House officials next week to discuss modernization, big data, and high-skilled immigration…

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May 18

AAPL: 152.54


Twitter has introduced a new privacy policy, with some significant changes taking effect next month.

First, it is no longer respecting Do Not Track, which allowed web users to opt out of cross-site tracking on websites that honor the setting. Do Not Track is supported by most major browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer …

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April 25

AAPL: 144.53


Wireless charging is widely expected to be on one if not all new iPhone models later this year, and the CEO of a prominent wireless charging technology company appears to consider it a done deal. Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski called wireless charging ‘a standard feature in the next iPhone’ ahead of any official iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 announcement.

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Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, has appeared in a new video interview with CBS This Morning where she discussed her time at the company and new Apple Store initiatives. The major new Apple Store effort centered around customer engagement is called ‘Today at Apple’ and will launch at the end of next month.

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April 20

AAPL: 142.44


In a move seemingly intended to keep physical payment cards relevant in the age of Apple Pay, Mastercard has been running pilot trials of credit and debit cards with an embedded fingerprint reader. The company says that the cards require no power, and are no thicker than standard cards …

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April 19

AAPL: 140.68


April 17

AAPL: 141.83


What new product announcements might Apple have in store for its upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference in June? Last week we were talking iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11. This week we get into the hardware possibilities for the event, including the products the company currently has in the works and others due for an update.

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April 12

AAPL: 141.80


With Apple increasingly seeking to bring chip and component design in-house, the next company to lose out could be display driver maker Synaptics. The prediction was made by Credit Suisse analysts, who said that the company was at ‘moderate to high risk’ of losing its Apple contract.

The prediction follows Apple’s warning that it plans to stop using Imagination Technologies GPUs within two years, causing the company’s stock to drop dramatically, and a separate report suggesting that Apple also planned to drop Dialog as a supplier …

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April 10

AAPL: 143.17


Many of us were deeply disappointed when Apple appeared to be exiting the display business last summer.

Not just because we want matching aesthetics and the reassurance you get with an all-Apple setup, but also because there was no obvious third-party replacement. All Apple said at the time was that ‘there are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users,’ but without pointing to anything in particular.

When the company finally did make an official recommendation in the form of the LG UltraFine 4K and 5K monitors, it wasn’t exactly a great one. Not only are the monitors extremely un-Apple-like in their grey plastic cases, but a serious technical fault first identified by us led to the temporary withdrawal of the product until LG fixed the Wi-Fi interference problem. All in all, it was a mess.

The good news is that this mess has likely played a role in Apple doing a U-turn and making plans to get back into the display business …

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April 5

AAPL: 144.02


The iPhone 8 may debut later than we have been used to, according to a new report. For the last few years, Apple has announced its new iPhone lineup at a September event in the fall with a release date a couple weeks later. For example, the iPhone 7 was announced on September 7th and released on September 16th.

This year, Economic Daily News (via Digitimes) is suggesting that the launch may be pushed back to October or November, as production of the radical new iPhone has faced challenges …

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March 31

AAPL: 143.66


According to a new investor note from Barclays, Apple currently plans to bring its True Tone display technology to all three of this year’s new iPhones. The note explains that the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 will all feature the True Tone technology, which was first introduced with the iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

The report also offers new information regarding the 3D sensors that Apple is expected to include in the iPhone 8 for facial recognition and augmented reality features.

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March 24

AAPL: 140.64


Now at 20 million paid subscribers, what’s next for Apple Music and Beats 1? While major updates for the service might not be expected until iOS 11 with a likely unveiling at Apple’s WWDC event in June, Apple has a few things planned before that and we have some hints about what to expect in the future.

Apple’s first original content starting with TV shows will launch on Apple Music next month, an expansion for Beats 1 is in the works, and tweaks to the Apple Music app to better highlight video content are incoming. Head below for our look at what’s next for Apple Music and Beats 1:

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March 23

AAPL: 140.92

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