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Pebble smartwatch users running iOS 6 won’t have to wait until iOS 7 to get email notifications: the company behind the watch has issued an update for its iOS app to support email alerts.

The update supports Gmail via a login through Google, while other IMAP email accounts are supported via a login-system within the app. Non-IMAP accounts (like POP) are not supported.

For those who receive a lot of email, Pebble has included an option to temporarily pause email notifications:

Once it has been successfully set up, you will see the account listed on the Email Notifications page. A blue bar means that the account is active. If you would like to temporarily disable the notifications, simply tap the bar once to turn them off; it will appear grey when the notifications are disabled. Tap the bar again when you wish to re-enable the notifications.

Pebble also has troubleshooting instructions on its support page. Of course, Apple is working on its own smart watch. The Pebble recently went on sale at Best Buy. 

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2 Responses to “Pebble smartwatch app for iOS updated with email notification support”

  1. I see my gmail account as added, yet get no notification…