Following in the footsteps of the Disney Stores, Walt Disney World will be accepting Apple Pay from 24th December, reports the company.

Initially, most stores, quick service restaurants, bars and ticket sales booths will be included. Any locations that use portable payment terminals, such as table service restaurants, will be added later.

To identify payment locations that accept Apple Pay and contactless payments, look for the EMVCo symbol, which is a series of curved lines, similar to a WiFi signal strength meter on many devices.

Disney was an Apple Pay launch partner, installing upgraded iBeacons and NFC readers in its retail stores prior to the launch of the service, but contactless payment had previously only been available at WDW via the company’s own MagicBands wristbands … 


The company says that the Disneyland Resort will also start accepting Apple Pay at some point in 2015.

Apple Pay is currently only available in the US, where it now supports 90% of US credit cards by transaction volume and accounted for 1% of all digital payments last month. A London-based job listing suggests that work on a rollout into Europe and beyond is already underway.

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