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July 7

Nikkei corroborates lack of charger and earbuds in iPhone 12 box, OLED screens for all models

This morning, Asian technology publication Nikkei posted its latest report on Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup, corroborating much of what has been known via other sources. Nikkei says that the iPhone 12 will consist of four new models and each will be equipped with an OLED display. This will be the first time all of Apple’s […]

June 24

Photos: Apple to ship new 20 W power adapter with iPhone 12

The iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18 W USB-C power adapter, but the cheaper iPhone 11 still only comes with the 5 W charger. For at least some models of the iPhone 12, it now appears Apple is upgrading the power adapter to a new 20 W USB-C adapter. The photos were posted today […]

June 22

These are all of the iPhones that will support iOS 14

Apple has unveiled iOS 14 with a variety of new features, including a redesigned home screen, the ability to set default email and browser apps, and much more. Will iOS 14 support your iPhone? Head below for the full list of compatible hardware.

June 21

Viral social media post about ‘phone disruptions’ spreads false information about iPhone COVID-19 tracking

A social media post is going viral this week, relating to the new Exposure Notification API and as it relates to COVID-19 contact tracing on iPhone. Whilst the origin of the text is unclear, the story is being shared widely across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and beyond. Unfortunately, the content of the message is little more than fear mongering.

July 3

Apple surveys iPhone users on USB charger included in the box ahead of iPhone 12

Apple has recently started sending surveys to iPhone users about how they use the USB charger that comes in the box. This comes ahead of the iPhone 12 announcement later this year and also rumors about Apple not including the USB charger and EarPods in the box for the first time.

July 7

Latest iPhone 12 dummy hands-on video simulates iOS 14, offers side-by-side iPhone 4 comparison

As we inch closer to this fall’s release of the iPhone 12 lineup, dummy units are starting to surface to offer a closer look at the all-new design. Now, YouTuber MKBHD has shared a new iPhone 12 hands-on video with dummy models in all three sizes and performed some magical video editing to simulate what […]

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