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This week Benjamin and Zac discuss the state of Apple Pay and CarPlay displays, the rumored GPS-equipped Apple Watch 2, increasing iPhone 7 hype, and glorious iMessage Sticker Packs coming to iOS 10. 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast is available for download on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.

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Very sketchy images have surfaced showing off supposed future iPhone product packaging, raising the potential of Apple calling a new iPhone the iPhone 6 SE. Whether this is meant as a successor to the 4 inch iPhone SE or the ‘real’ name for the iPhone 7, due to be announced early next month, is unclear. An upgrade to the iPhone SE is not expected and has not been rumored, as the device only launched a few months ago.

Update: More photos from Priceraja, including a look at the pamphlet.

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August 23

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Repair guide website iFixit today published a blog post detailing what it and other repair companies describe as growing complaints of a touchscreen issue among iPhone 6 Plus and some iPhone 6 users.

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Dear all,

AceThinker have released a new app called iPhone Screen Recorder.Without having to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad,you can easily mirror your mobile screen to computer and record it along with sound. AceThinker is giving away 50 free copies for users everyday on its official page: 

Key Features: 

1. Connect your iOS devices to Win/Mac computer wirelessly.

2. Utilize AirPlay technology to mirror your mobile screen without Jailbreak.

3. Record your mobile screen in a large and clear window on computer.

4. Include sound and voice into screen recording.

5. Support 9 video output formats and animated image format (GIF)

6. Support adjusting video framerate, resolution, etc. 

How to Use:

Step 1. Visit the giveaway page as given above and leave your email address for getting the free copy via registration email. You will receive it within 12 hours.

Step 2. Download and install the program from the link on registration email and thenactivate it on your computer.

Step3 . Connect your device to the same WiFi network that your computer is using, swipe up from the bottom of mobile screen, access “Control Center” and then AirPlay.

Step 4. Enable mirroring your mobile to computer and you will see your mobile on computer screen.

Step 5. Click “Record” button on top menu to start recording and click it again to stop recording. The software will pop-up output directory with your screencast video in it.

Step 6. If you prefer, you may also configure output settings by clicking the “Settings” button on top menu and configure frame rate, output formats, etc.

August 22

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Rumors that Apple is planning three new iPhones  — the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro — seem to have come and gone this year with the Pro model no longer expected, but Nikkei Asian Review reports that the three-tier lineup may actually be in the cards for next year. Citing an anonymous source, the report claims Apple’s rumored curved OLED iPhone expected to be released in 2018 could be a pricier model than the current 5.5-inch tier now.

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August 20

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In this week’s top stories: iOS 10 betas, iPhone 7 leaks, Apple Watch 2, new iPad rumors, and much more.

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A recent report suggests that Apple will reveal its highly anticipated refresh to the MacBook Pro during its upcoming iPhone event on September 7th, but the hardware won’t be released until later in the year. expand full story

Zac made the point yesterday that just because the iPhone 7 is sounding like a second S-year model, that doesn’t mean that mass-market buyers – ‘normals’ – won’t be wowed by it. Apple has an enviable ability to take relatively mainstream features and make them sound magical, and a report by French site NWE seems to make one rumored feature sound more likely.

While the dual-camera system slated for the larger iPhone 7 Plus is an obvious talking point, it’s also been suggested that the smaller model may get the optical image stabilisation (OIS) currently limited to the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

A claimed photo of the camera module for the 4.7-inch iPhone has four slots around it, similar to those found in the 6/6s Plus, but not in the standard model. These would appear to be for the tiny motors needed to move the lens in an OIS system …

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August 18

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iPhone 7 mockup from Dom's hands-on video this week
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We’re now less than three weeks away from the date when Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 7, and I’ve noticed something worth discussing ahead of time.

This year’s iPhone appears to be a pretty modest update largely because of what we expect will be an iPhone 6s-like design, but I’ve seen a generally positive response to rumors so far from the type of users that insiders sometimes call normals. What feels like a boring iPhone cycle to insiders still holds a sense of magic for others. Perspective is important.

There’s also a splash of magic that seems to spread to even cynical insiders as Apple’s rumored plans turn into official products. We already know how the next few weeks will play out, but there’s still an adrenaline rush that comes with each step along the way…

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Analysts are suggesting that Apple might in future buy the A-series chips it uses in iPhones and iPads from Intel, following an interesting turnaround by the chipmaker this week, reports Fortune.

Intel has long offered foundry services in which they manufacture chips designed by customers, but that service has so far been limited to chips based on its own architecture. As of this week, however, the company has announced that it will also be able to produce ARM-based chips. This would allow Intel to compete with TSMC and Samsung for Apple’s iPhone and iPad chip business …

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August 17

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Carriers often try to attract switchers and new subscribers during new iPhone season, and AT&T is doing its part today by upgrading its mobile plans with some modest data upgrades at reduced costs. AT&T is also announcing that its new plans no longer include overage charges for exceeding data caps. AT&T subscribers won’t automatically be moved to these new plans, so current customers will want to compare these new rates and potentially save money with more data.

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August 16

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Apple’s iPhone 7 is set to launch next month, but today we’re taking an early look at what could be the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus design and comparing it to the current generation models. It’s said that this year’s iPhone won’t bring a fresh new design which if true is kind of lame-sauce, and if these models are anything like the real deal, I think it’s time to be a bit disappointed in Apple’s design choices…

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An official announcement about Apple’s anticipated September iPhone event is expected sometime later this month, and a new detail has emerged that hints at when we might actually be getting our hands on the new iPhone 7 … and it could be later than previously expected.

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August 15

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We first started hearing whispers of a Space Black iPhone 7 in June, with claimed chassis and component leaks since then appearing to support the new darker model. New photos (above) emerged over the weekend – albeit low-quality ones, and from a source that has previously posted photos of likely mockups rather than the real thing.

But with a Space Black iPhone 7 seeming a likely bet, we thought it would be interesting to pull together a few of the renders we’ve seen so far and find out how popular an option the color is likely to be …

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One of the observations I made in my first impressions piece on the iPhone SE was how pleased I was to lose the camera bulge of the iPhone 6/6s. It really seemed to me that, in the iPhone 6, Apple was prioritizing an inconsequential bit of extra slimness over a pleasing design.

Assuming all the iPhone 7 mockup images are accurate, then Apple has smoothed out the edges on the upcoming model. I do think this is a big improvement aesthetically, and less likely to snag when removing it from a pocket. But when you put it up against the iPhone SE, as TWE has done with a mockup the site purchased from China, it still seems to me that the SE shows how it should be done …

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Microsoft announced support for hand-written or drawn annotations on the iPad the day after Apple launched the Apple Pencil. It’s taken the company almost a year, but it has finally brought the same feature to the iPhone versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint …

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