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How-to Stories April 16

Tips and tricks to test carrier coverage with iPhone before switching networks

Making the jump to a new carrier can often sound appealing whether it’s the incentives, the hopes of better coverage, pricing, or all of the above. However, the reality is that switching can be a commitment (even without contracts) and it’s no fun to make the move only to realize you’ve made a mistake. Let’s look at some tips and tricks to test carrier coverage with iPhone before committing to switching.

How-to Stories April 15

iPhone 12: How to manually manage 5G to optimize for speed or battery life

Next-generation 5G cellular service is one of the key features of the iPhone 12 lineup. Apple is using a “5G Auto” setting it refers to as “Smart Data mode” as the default to give users a balance between network speed and battery life. Follow along for how to turn 5G on/off on iPhone 12, including how to keep it on permanently or turn it off completely.

How-to Stories April 14

Apple Watch: How to see your detailed heart rate history

Apple Watch can be an amazing tool for health and fitness, but are you taking advantage of the useful data it records? Read along for how to see your Apple Watch heart rate history across a variety of categories like resting, walking, workouts, and variability across days, months, and years.

How-to Stories April 13

How to watch Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ April event on YouTube and more

Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event is officially set for April 20 and the live stream placeholder is already up on YouTube. Read on for how to watch Apple’s April event on any device, set an event reminder, and more.

How-to Stories April 12

How to test your internet speed and contribute to the ‘Measuring Broadband America Program’

The FCC is working on creating an updated US map of broadband service to help decide where future infrastructure investment should happen and more. Read along for how to test your internet speed and contribute to the “Measuring Broadband America Program.”

How-to Stories April 10

Apple announced on Wednesday the first third-party accessories to receive support for the Find My feature. Aside from locating your own Apple devices, it’s now possible to locate some other accessories as well, here’s how.

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