Mosyle Stories November 16

Mosyle is announcing its first endpoint security solution for IT admins looking for solutions for the iPhone and iPad. Mosyle Hardening & Compliance protects iOS employees, helps them comply with security protocols, regulations, and keeps their devices updated.

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Mosyle Stories October 17

It’s a beautiful Fall Friday afternoon and the IT team is ready to end another week of work with a happy hour at a new brewery across the street from the office. The week was great. Some small challenges occurred, but this team could handle everything – no critical task will be carried over into the following week.

But at 4:32pm a call from the company’s CFO changes everything. 

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Mosyle Stories October 11

Mosyle of OneK12 is now available for public and extended beta. The new platform from Mosyle integrates Apple device management, content filtering, endpoint security, SSO, application management, and classroom management on a single Apple-focused solution. The company also announced several enhancements to Mosyle Manager, its device management (MDM) offering for K-12 schools.

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Mosyle Stories October 4

Mosyle has designed a new Mac workflow tool called Mosyle Embark that guides employees during the configuration of their new computer and informs them about policies. This allows IT teams to enhance protection and compliance from the start. Read on to learn more about it, and when it will be available to use for enterprise IT managers managing Apple devices.

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Mosyle Stories September 21

Mac usage in enterprise has taken on a life of its own in the past few years. Originally led on by the halo effect of the iPhone and the iPad, the Mac has become the favorite device among IT professionals and end users. 

The Mac’s popularity has led to what many IT professionals consider to be a “new normal” in enterprise. Macs are now commonly used throughout an organization, not just in creative roles, but also in more traditional business applications like finance, sales, marketing, and people operations. 

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Mosyle Stories August 19

In 2022, security is a top priority for every organization, including businesses and schools using Macs. While very secure, Macs are still vulnerable to threats, including phishing attacks and malware. Security is no longer a technology concern. It’s now a business concern. Most of the security discussion on macOS revolves around software updates, endpoint security software, and other high-level topics.

What doesn’t get brought up enough is user privileges. Every CISO should ask their IT teams if end-users are running as local administrators on their Macs. If they are, they should ask the team if it’s necessary compared to the critical risks elevated privileges can create. 

Here’s the bottom line: There’s no need for Mac users to have administrative powers 24/7. 

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Mosyle Stories May 4

Mosyle is announcing the immediate availability of its Apple Unified Platform designed to fully integrate five critical applications into a single Apple-only solution for IT administrators. Mosyle is combining mobile device management, endpoint security, internet privacy and security, identity management, and application management into a single solution. With this announcement, Mosyle has also raised $196 million in Series B funding led by Insight Partners with participation from StepStone Group and all previous investors including Elephant and Album VC.

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Mosyle Stories January 31

Mosyle now has more than 10,000 business customers and helps 30,000 organizations manage millions of devices every day. across its customer base. Today, the company is introducing a new Privileged Access Management solution for macOS IT admins that enables users to run at lower account priority and only access administrator functionality when needed.

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Mosyle Stories October 4, 2021

Web filtering has typically been done at the network level, but in response to changing work and education styles, Mosyle is providing K-12, higher education, and enterprise customers with web filtering and end-user privacy for Apple devices at school, home, or work.

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Mosyle Stories July 6, 2021

Mosyle’s Screen View makes macOS and iOS remote support easier to implement for Apple business customers

Mosyle is one of the top Apple mobile device management vendors on the market. The company is releasing a new feature called Screen View to make remote support easier to implement for enterprise and K-12 customers.

Mosyle Stories April 5, 2021

Mosyle, the popular Apple device management vendor, is launching a free tier for up to 30 devices. Included in the new free tier are all the features of Mosyle Business at no charge. The company is also releasing Mosyle Fuse to create an end-to-end macOS management and security solution.

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