Spatial Audio Stories August 12, 2021

Apple teams up with Billie Eilish to promote Spatial Audio on Apple Music

Billie Eilish has partnered with Apple several times over the years to promote her songs on Apple Music. Although the 19-year-old singer also teams up with Spotify on occasion, she’s now promoting her latest album, Happier Than Ever, on Apple’s platform.

Spatial Audio Stories June 22, 2021

When Apple announced that it was bringing lossless music and Spatial Audio to Apple Music, it majored on the latter and mentioned lossless almost in passing. That struck me at the time as the wrong way around, but listening to Spatial Audio tracks has changed my mind.

Spatial Audio – aka Dolby Atmos – had obvious appeal for movies, but with the possible exception of recordings of live performances, I couldn’t see much point in it for music …

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Spatial Audio Stories June 16, 2021

PSA: Seeing the 15-second Dolby Atmos bug in Apple Music? Try these options

Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio arrived last week on Apple Music and while many are enjoying the new immersive content, there is a bug that’s making that a hassle for some users. Here are a couple of tips to help fix the 15-second Dolby Atmos bug.

Spatial Audio Stories June 14, 2021

A new Spatial Audio ad (embedded below) has just been posted to the Apple Music YouTube channel, featuring the Masego & Don Toliver track Mystery Lady.

Update: Bizarrely, the ad itself doesn’t use Spatial Audio, just a lot of stereo channel separation. You need to listen to the separate Behind the Sound video in the Apple Music app to hear the real thing …

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