Spy Chip Stories May 2, 2019

American server supplier Super Micro is dropping Chinese chips from its products, despite zero evidence ever emerging to support claims of spy chips installed in Apple and Amazon servers – and a great deal of evidence to suggest that Bloomberg’s report was wrong.

Bloomberg last year claimed that Apple found Chinese surveillance chips in servers supplied by Super Micro, a claim which was quickly and aggressively refuted by Apple and others …

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Spy Chip Stories December 11, 2018

The tech news was dominated in October by a dramatic Bloomberg claim that Chinese spy chips had been embedded into the Super Micro motherboards of servers supplied to Apple, Amazon and others. The report claimed that Apple had discovered the chips, and reported the fact to the FBI.

All involved – Apple, Amazon and Super Micro – denied the claims, but the motherboard supplier decided the only way to lay this to rest was to commission an independent audit to investigate. That investigation has now been completed, and the firm says it found absolutely no evidence to support the story …

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Spy Chip Stories October 23, 2018

A tech consultant and journalist specializing in server hardware says that some of the Bloomberg spy chip claims are completely implausible, while others are simply impossible.

The analysis coincides with Amazon joining calls made by Apple and Super Micro for the magazine to retract its story …

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Spy Chip Stories October 22, 2018

Earlier today, Super Micro Computer told its customers that it would conduct further checks into Bloomberg’s Chinese spy chip story, despite a lack of evidence to support the claims.

Now, Super Micro CEO Charles Liang has joined Tim Cook in calling on Bloomberg to retract the story completely.

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Super Micro Computer has told its customers that it will conduct further checks into Bloomberg’s Chinese spy chip claims despite the lack of evidence.

The announcement follows Tim Cook’s call for Bloomberg to retract the story …

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Spy Chip Stories October 11, 2018

The weight of evidence that Bloomberg’s spy chip claims were based on a misunderstanding continues to grow.

An NSA spokesperson has said that the story had people ‘chasing shadows’ and even with the ‘great access’ the organization has to secret information, it can still find no evidence to support Bloomberg’s claims …

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