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Latest Apple antitrust probe opens in Italy, over app privacy

Apple antitrust probe | App Store image

Another day, another Apple antitrust probe. Just yesterday we learned that the European Union was ramping up its investigation into Apple Pay, and today Italy’s competition watchdog has announced an investigation into the company’s App Store privacy policies.

This latest investigation may be new, but its topic is not: Italy is the third country to question the legality of Apple setting tougher privacy requirements for third-party apps than it does for its own apps …

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Apple app tracking policies face antitrust action in France, as well as Germany

Apple app tracking | Apple rainbow image

Advertisers and ad-funded platforms like Facebook have been vocal in their objections to Apple’s app tracking policies, and the Cupertino company now faces antitrust investigations into the issue in two European countries.

A new report says that the French Competition Authority has found evidence of anticompetitive behavior by Apple in regard to app tracking, closely following a similar finding in Germany

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German antitrust regulator declares Apple a target for stricter controls

German antitrust regulator declares Apple a target | Archery target

Not long after Apple successfully blocked a UK antitrust action against the company, a German antitrust regulator has declared that the iPhone maker is a legitimate target for special measures designed to prevent abuse of market dominance.

The regulator found that Apple was a company “of paramount significance for competition across markets,” which means that it can be subjected to stricter controls on anticompetitive behavior …

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App Tracking Transparency workaround sees Meta face class action lawsuit

App Tracking Transparency workaround | Facebook watching through binoculars

Meta is facing a class action lawsuit after both Facebook and Instagram were found to be using an App Tracking Transparency workaround to track users on the web, even after they were denied permission to do so.

The company is accused not just of breaking Apple’s privacy rules, but also violating both state and federal laws …

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Apple ad business growing fast; company accused of U-turn and ‘Machiavellian’ plot

Apple ad business | Abstract image of people looking at colorful ads

There have been plenty of signs lately that the Apple ad business is growing fast, and that the company plans to turn it into a significant source of revenue. But while there is plenty of money to be made, some are accusing Apple of making a U-turn – and even Machiavellian-level plotting to take business from companies like Google and Facebook.

The latest report suggests that Apple has quadrupled its hires for ad roles in the past couple of years, and one research group has suggested the company’s ad business could be worth $30B a year by 2026 …

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Small businesses push back on Apple’s privacy changes around advertising

apple app tracking transparency

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced its App Tracking Transparency to help users choose whether they wanted to be tracked or not by apps and advertisers. Ever since then, the company is making tons of privacy changes to ensure users have better control of their data.

With that, Facebook and other companies are losing money with their advertisement initiatives. But, apart from the big players, small businesses are also suffering from these changes, according to a new study.

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Ad tracking rules could become much stricter in Europe; Apple’s ATT vindicated

apple app tracking transparency

A European court ruling could result in ad tracking rules becoming much stricter in future. The court essentially set a precedent that inferred data is still personal data.

This means that if a company can work out things about you, then that information is protected every bit as much as personal data you provided directly …

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App Tracking Transparency antitrust investigation launched because Apple exempts its own apps

App Tracking Transparency antitrust | Close-up of hands drawing flow schematics

An App Tracking Transparency antitrust investigation is underway, on the basis that Apple requires third-party apps to ask permission for tracking, but the company does not do so for its own apps.

The investigation has been launched in Germany, which is a somewhat surprising fact …

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‘Massive’ Facebook hiring freeze and 40% decline in stock price is partly Apple’s fault, says CFO

Close-up of desk showing iMac and Apple Watch | Facebook hiring freeze partly Apple's fault says CFO

A “massive” Facebook hiring freeze has been announced, which the company says will affect “almost every team across the company.”

Parent company Meta told employees that four factors were behind the decision, and that Apple’s introduction of App Tracking Transparency was the first of these …

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Meta blasts App Tracking Transparency as ‘Apple’s harmful policy’ one year after policy start

app tracking transparency

It’s been one year since Apple released its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature – which is a way to improve consumer privacy where users can choose to opt-out of third-party app tracking. A new article from Recode takes a look back at the first year of Apple’s privacy feature. 

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Number of users opting in to App Tracking on iOS grows significantly since last year

It has been almost a year since Apple introduced iOS 14.5 with App Tracking Transparency, a feature that lets users choose whether or not they want to be tracked by third-party apps. While the number of users opting to let apps track them was low at first, a new research from Adjust shows that some people have been changing their mind about this option.

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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency crackdown estimated to cost Facebook another $13 billion in 2022

Apple protects App Tracking Transparency in China

Almost a year ago, Apple released iOS 14.5. Alongside the ability to unlock the iPhone with an Apple Watch while wearing a mask and new emojis, the company also brought its controversial App Tracking Transparency feature to life. Twelve months after, a new report indicates how ATT could impact revenue from Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and YouTube in 2022.

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App Tracking Transparency ‘harmful,’ says Facebook, as advertisers flee the platform

App Tracking Transparency harmful, says Facebook

Facebook and Instagram‘s parent company Meta has labelled Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature ‘harmful.’ One analyst said that the privacy measure could be the biggest challenge the company ever faces.

A report today says that the loss of ability to target Facebook and Instagram users by their interests is seeing businesses abandon the platform in favor of Google ads …

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Blocking cross-app tracking may be possible on Android phones, following iPhone example

Blocking cross-app tracking may eventually be possible on Android phones

Google has announced plans for blocking cross-app tracking on Android phones, following Apple’s lead on iPhones, claims a new report today.

However, there are a number of problems with the report, suggesting it may be a case of ‘The headline giveth, and the small print taketh away’ …

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Apple’s app privacy policy will cost social media companies almost $10B

Apple's app privacy policy costs social networks

A new report estimates that Apple’s app privacy policy – aka App Tracking Transparency – will cost social media companies almost $10B in the second half of this year.

It says that’s because their unique selling point (USP) was the ability to target particular demographics and interest groups, and that now they can no longer offer that, advertisers are taking their business elsewhere …

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Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you even if you say no to tracking

Popular iPhone apps are using sneaky techniques to identify you

Some popular iPhone apps are using some sneaky techniques to uniquely identify you, even if you refused permission for app tracking. The data they are gathering includes everything from your iPhone’s Last Restart Time to your screen brightness setting measured to 15 significant digits.

A former iCloud engineer says that this type of privacy workaround makes Apple’s App Tracking Transparency rules a “dud” …

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Twitter and Snap report strong growth; App Tracking Transparency opt-in high

App Tracking Transparency opt-in high says Snap

Both Twitter and Snap have reported strong growth, and the latter has said that it was seeing higher rates of App Tracking Transparency opt-in than has been generally reported.

Snap had previously warned that it expected ad revenue to be hit by the feature, which reduces the opportunity to sell higher-priced personalized ads, but two factors meant that the impact was lower than expected …

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Facebook and its advertisers are ‘panicking’ as the majority of iPhone users opt out of tracking

With iOS 14.5 released to the public earlier this year, iPhone and iPad users now have the ability to easily opt out of cross-site and cross-app tracking and targeting. New data from analytics firm Branch indicates that just 25% of users are opting in to tracking, which is causing panic in the advertising industry.

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Data privacy bill would force everyone to follow Apple’s tracking transparency lead

Data privacy bill

A bipartisan data privacy bill would force all tech giants to follow Apple’s example in allowing users to opt out of tracking by apps and websites.

Apple recently switched on App Tracking Transparency, which lets users decide whether or not they want to be tracked by apps in order to deliver personalized ads …

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