Qualcomm Stories July 19

AAPL: 151.02


A senior Apple official has reportedly confirmed that the company is underwriting the legal costs of its four iPhone manufacturers in their court battles with Qualcomm.

While Qualcomm’s CEO this week started using softer language, the dispute itself escalated further in a new development late yesterday …

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Qualcomm Stories July 17

AAPL: 149.56


Apple and Qualcomm are currently engaged in a high-profile legal battle that’s done nothing but escalate since the beginning. In a new interview with Fortune, however, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf seems to be changing the company’s tone, saying he now expects an out of court settlement…

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Qualcomm Stories July 6

AAPL: 142.73


As it continues its ongoing battle with Apple, Qualcomm today has officially filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the company, seeking an import ban on the iPhone. This move was first reported earlier this year, but Qualcomm today made it official.

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Qualcomm Stories June 21

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Qualcomm Stories June 20

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In a new development in its legal battle with Qualcomm, Apple is arguing that the patent deal which forces the company to pay a licence fee for every iPhone manufactured is invalid. It is accusing Qualcomm of double-dipping by charging once for a licence fee for use of its patented technology and again for the chip which uses that technology.

Apple had previously accused Qualcomm of exacting revenge against the Cupertino company, but this is the first time it has specifically attacked the basis of the licence deal between the two companies …

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Qualcomm Stories June 9

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iPhone 8 owners may not be able to take advantage of the faster data speeds expected to be available later this year in the USA, says a Bloomberg report, and Apple’s dispute with Qualcomm may be the reason.

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and other carriers have promised to introduce a new generation of wireless data later in the year, offering speeds as high as a gigabit per second – some fifty times faster than typically available today. But it appears that this speed won’t be supported in the iPhone 8, even if the modems it contains are compatible …

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