As we’ve previously reported, Apple began giving away select paid apps in its Apple Store app recently as an added incentive to download and check out the app.

This week in particular Apple has replaced the free app with free music from iTunes instead. The playlist is appropriately holiday themed and features songs such as Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson and The First Noel by Mary J Blige.

The free holiday playlist is not present in the Apple Store for iPad app, which debuted last month, likely another reason why the application is not universal. The deal also appears to be initially limited to US customers.

Apple is not alone in celebrating the holidays with a little music: Google is giving away a number of hit singles including Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on its Play Store this week.

You can download the Apple Store app for iPhone or iPod touch for free from the App Store and grab your free holiday playlist while Apple’s giving it away.


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13 Responses to “Apple Store app giving away free Holiday Playlist this week”

  1. And fuck everybody but US users …


  2. The policy that US is the whole world is not wise. Even devote Apple users are getting fed up with this attitude


  3. Meanwhile in Canada, we get a free Baking app.


  4. mhkobe says:

    In previous years Apple has not given the 12 Days of Christmas app to the US. Here’s to hoping they will give us outsiders the 12 Days of Christmas app again. Also, that Duck the Halls song is pretty wack (quack?).


  5. Harsh Tiwari says:

    Bullocks just for US. What about New Zealand


  6. How does this work? My daughter downloaded these on her iPod, but the aren’t showing up as purchased on any other device. Are these actually free songs from iTunes or just one time only downloads for that device only?


    • All music on iTunes is DRM-free.

      I noticed that the music did not go into the Purchased playlist when I downloaded them straight to my phone. But when I launched iTunes on my computer they immediately popped up as iCloud downloads. Tell iTunes on your machines to check for purchases, worst case scenario you have to manually sync the songs out to your devices.


  7. Huang Asuka says:

    oh, i love free things, but actually i fond these should be Xmas lists, BTW: i found a good app on photo which is free for holiday now