With Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, users can create a new note from the lock screen by simply tapping the screen with the Pencil. However, there’s a slightly less elegant, but useful way to access Notes from non-Apple Pencil enabled iPads or your iPhone.

Follow along to learn how to turn on this feature…

  1. Open up Settings. Scroll down to Notes.
  2. Tap on Access Notes from Lock Screen under LOCK SCREEN & CONTROL CENTER.
  3. You’ll now be prompted with three options: Off, Always Create New Note, or Resume Last Note.
  4. Once you select one of the latter two, you’ll need to add the Notes shortcut to your Control Center. To do this swipe all the way back to the main Settings page, scroll up and find Control Center.
  5. Tap Customize Controls. Scroll to the bottom until you find Notes and tap the green + button next to it.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. To add a note, simply invoke Control Center on the lock screen and tap the Notes icon.

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