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Apple News Stories March 9

Twitter exec addresses new Super Follow feature and sharing a 30% cut with Apple

Twitter has announced a handful of new features recent: Spaces, Fleets, the acquisition of the newsletter product Revue, and the Super Follow function, which will let people pay creators on Twitter for special content. In a new interview with the Verge, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter head of consumer products, addressed the new Super Follow feature and […]

Apple News Stories March 11

Australia to investigate the impact of Apple and Google’s default search engine deal

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission wants to know the impact of Google being the predominant web search service on most devices, including on the iPhone and Safari browser. The press release sent today is seeking submissions from consumers and industry participants about choice screens.

Apple News Stories January 27

Apple crosses 1 billion active iPhone users for the first time as install base reaches new milestone

Billion is quickly becoming the theme of Apple’s holiday earnings quarter results. For starters, Apple has earned well over $100 billion in a single quarter for the first time in the company’s history. Apple has also hit new milestones with its active install base of devices. According to CEO Tim Cook, there are now more […]

Apple News Stories April 19, 2012

Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller dumps ‘Instagram’ over expansion to Android

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey is not the only photo-loving business executive upset by Instagram in recent weeks. While Dorsey stopped posting photos on Instagram after Facebook reportedly beat his Twitter to an acquisition of the app, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller quit Instagram for another reason: Android. A reader noticed Schiller deleted his Instagram account (@schiller), […]

Apple News Stories April 20, 2012

Tip: Bring Siri’s voice to your Mac with Samantha downloadable Voice for Lion

Since the introduction of Nuance speech technology in OS X Lion, which provides several new voice options in system preferences for the System Voice, many have compared the voice of Nuance-powered Siri on iPhone 4S to the improved text-to-speech included as free downloads within Lion. As noted by Reddit user Moosehadley, what you might not have realized is the […]

Apple News Stories May 24, 2012

Google follows in Apple’s footsteps, opens in-app subscriptions for Google Play apps

Apple unveiled in-app subscriptions for all App Store apps over a year ago, and now Google has announced the same feature today for Google Play apps. The feature is available immediately to users and developers alike for all content-based apps like magazines, newspapers, video, music, and any other type of recurring service that a developer could monetize.

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