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Mac Stories June 10

M1X MacBook Pro launch would be in November if stats meant anything

We’ve so far had a variety of predictions about when we might expect an M1X MacBook Pro launch. Jon Prosser’s claim of WWDC was of course proven wrong, while Bloomberg was more cautious in suggesting “as soon as early this summer.” We now have another new entry, this one proposing November…

Mac Stories June 11

Some Macs now support Windows Precision Touchpad gestures in Boot Camp

Trackpad gestures are a much-loved macOS feature, but if you wanted to use the Windows equivalent – Windows Precision Touchpad gestures – you were out of luck until yesterday. Microsoft added the trackpad gestures way back in 2013, and there have been a variety of unofficial drivers to allow them to be used on Macs, […]

Mac Stories May 25

Dolphin Emulator runs twice as fast on M1 Macs with native version when compared to Intel

Apple’s M1 chip has been around for a while now, and at this point we all know that it performs incredibly well in different situations. Since the introduction of the first Macs with M1 last year, the team behind Dolphin — which is a popular Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator — has been working on […]

Mac Stories May 26

Comment: An iPadOS update is overdue, but it won’t change much for me

With the new iPad Pro models out, there has been another flurry of comments about the urgent need for an iPadOS update to allow the software to catch up with the hardware. I absolutely agree – but for me, none of the rumored improvements expected from iPadOS 15 address the single biggest difference between an […]

Mac Stories May 10

Apple repair shops turn to documents leaked by ransom group to recover lost data

Last month, the ransomware group REvil breached Apple supplier Quanta, gaining access to detailed schematics of past and future Apple products. The ransomware leak revealed details of the forthcoming MacBook Pro update, including specific information about the addition of new I/O options on the side. A new report from Motherboard today details how the leaked […]

Mac Stories May 28

Reincubate Camo brings the new iPad Pro’s Center Stage feature to your Mac

Reincubate Camo, the popular software that lets users leverage iPhone and iPad as high-quality Mac webcams has some nice news for 2021 iPad Pro owners – support for the new Center Stage auto-tracking camera feature. This effectively brings Center Stage to almost all video call platforms on Mac.

Mac Stories May 25

Survey reveals Mac owners’ most important app factors, purchase type preference, more

Popular Mac and iOS software subscription service Setapp is out today with its Mac Apps Report 2021. The study includes some interesting findings like what factors are most important for users when it comes to Mac apps, how much they spend per year, purchase type preference, how many Mac apps they have installed, and more.

Mac Stories April 22

Comment: Apple’s new colorful iMac lineup is a millennial dream come true

My first exposure to the Mac was around 2000 at a local computer shop in Georgia. My granddad was shopping for his first computer after the college where he taught started requiring internet access at home. I didn’t actually see an iMac, just a colorful poster that caught my 10-year-old eye…

Mac Stories April 17

iPad Pro vs Mac: What is your main workstation? [Poll]

For some time, Apple has been pushing users to consider using the iPad as their main workstation. With the rumored 2021 iPad Pro likely coming next week and the company rolling out its refreshed Mac lineup, are you Team iPad or Team Mac?

Mac Stories April 5

Opinion: The M1 Macs underscore the need for a lower-priced Apple Display

Last fall, Apple debuted its first M1 Macs with a new MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Air. This year, the transition will continue with a new Apple Silicon-powered iMac, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro updates, and more. As the Mac lineup matures throughout the Apple Silicon transition, the glaring hole is the lack of […]

Mac Stories April 1

Apple assumed to have knowingly sold defective Macs, says judge, in ‘stage light’ case

A federal judge has ruled that Apple is assumed* to have knowingly sold defective Macs, in response to an application for a class action lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit is over the MacBook Pro “stage light” fault, in which the backlight takes on the appearance of stage lighting at the bottom of the screen […]

Mac Stories March 23

Apple patent shows how retractable keyboard could make MacBooks thinner

Apple has long been on a mission to make MacBooks ever thinner, and a new patent granted today describes how a retractable keyboard could help. Earlier patents suggest that Apple’s long-term goal is a completely solid-state keyboard, which uses electrostatic charges to allow users to “feel” keys so that touch-typing remains possible, and haptic motors […]

Mac Stories March 18

Intel claims M1 Macs ‘just don’t stack up’ against PCs on new comparison website

Intel is continuing its desperate campaign against Apple Silicon. After recruiting former “I’m a Mac” star Justin Long for a series of video advertisements, Intel has now launched a dedicated website comparing Apple’s M1 chip vs. Intel. Unsurprisingly, the claims being made by Intel are a bit misleading…

Mac Stories March 23

Review: Satechi Slim X1 – better than the Magic Keyboard in several ways [Video]

I’ve been using the Satechi Slim X1 Bluetooth keyboard full-time for the last three weeks, and it’s proven to be a solid companion for both my Macs and iPads. Should you consider purchasing it? Watch our hands-on Satechi Slim X1 review for the details, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more […]

Mac Stories March 5

Mac: webp image downloads frustrating you? Here’s how to convert them to jpg, png, more

You might have noticed with macOS Big Sur that downloading images in browsers like Safari now happens in a new webp format. Read along for a couple of ways to convert webp images to jpg, png, and more, including batch conversion.

Mac Stories March 2

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover is powered by an iMac G3 processor

How far do you think a 90s-era Mac can go? Actually, it can go to Mars. NASA’s rover Perseverance, which reached the Red Planet on February 18, is powered by the PowerPC 750 processor, the same chip that is inside the iconic 1998 iMac G3.

Mac Stories March 9

30+ Mac tips for new setups that everyone should know [Video]

If you just got a new Mac or reinstalled macOS, these 30+ Mac tips for new setups can help increase productivity and better your workflow. Watch our detailed hands-on video walkthrough as we demonstrate and explain each of my favorite Mac tips step-by-step, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more videos.

Mac Stories February 23

Opinion: 2021 MacBook Pro ports could be an IO dream or nightmare

Based on recent supply-chain reports, the 2021 MacBook Pro ports could turn out to be either an IO dream or nightmare. We today got a more detailed report about what to expect in terms of 2021 MacBook Pro ports, with noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo saying we should expect both an HDMI port and an […]

Mac Stories February 6

Intel picks and chooses benchmarks as the threat from Apple Silicon grows

The first M1 Macs have been out in the wild for nearly three full months, and the fear is setting in at Intel. The company this week shared a detailed slideshow of benchmark results with Tom’s Hardware (via Six Colors), aiming to show that there are multiple ways in which it still has a leg […]

Mac Stories February 5

Comment: It’s time for Apple to overhaul the Mac Magic Keyboard, here’s what we’d like to see

Apple debuted its standalone Magic Keyboard for Mac back in 2015, which wasn’t drastically different from the aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard that launched all the way back in 2007. While we’ve had a few updates to color options over the past years, a new Mac Magic Keyboard is definitely due – here’s what we want […]

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