February 2

HomePod is finally almost here, but will one size truly fit all or could we eventually see a whole family of smart speakers from Apple? Keeping with true Apple tradition, this is naturally the moment to wonder and ask: what about HomePod 2 and new variants? Check out our concepts below:

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January 4

A new report from Canalys today shares its prediction that smart speakers are on track for record growth and will be the hottest consumer tech items of 2018. Canalys believes that consumers will buy 56.3 million smart speakers in 2018, just shy of doubling from 2017 sales.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

June 1

Smart speakers predicted to overtake wearables in US market this year

Tech research firm eMarketer is predicting dramatic growth in the US smart speaker market, anticipating that it will overtake wearables like smart watches at some point this year …

June 19

A new survey of smart speaker owners found that only 6% of them are currently using the device to control smart home devices like lighting and heating.

Interestingly, even for HomePod – which is a very music-focused device – playing music was only the third most common use …

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September 10

A new Adobe survey on the use of voice assistants unsurprisingly finds that usage is greatest among those who own a smart speaker like HomePod, and that more than two-thirds of usage is playing music.

It does, though, give some insights into other ways smart speaker owners are using their devices, including what the firm categorizes as ’emerging usage’ …

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July 9

HomePod expected to take 4% of 100 million smart speakers by year’s end

Canalys is out with new data today about the smart speaker market, how Apple’s HomePod is doing since its launch back in February, and projections about how the market will shift going forward.

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