Apple Music Festival Stories September 8, 2017

When Apple decided to end its annual Apple Music Festival in favor of a series of smaller events, rival streaming music service Spotify apparently saw an opportunity to pick up the slack.

The company will be hosting its first ever live music event, also in London, though a far more limited one …

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Apple Music Festival Stories September 4, 2017

Coldplay at the 2014 iTunes Festival

Apple is reportedly ending its long-running Apple Music Festival initiative. According to a report from Music Business Worldwide, the company is ending the Apple Music Festival (formerly known as the iTunes Festival) as it looks to rebrand its live concert efforts…

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Apple Music Festival Stories August 25, 2016

Apple-Music Festival-Britney-Spears-chance

The Apple Music festival in London has been always been a staple of the fall pop music scene, but never has it been more integral to Apple’s operations than this year – when Apple Music is locked in a battle for supremacy among streaming services and Tim Cook is pushing services revenue as a replacement for Apple’s sagging hardware unit sales.

This year’s event will not only be available on Apple’s product lineup but also PCs, and for the first time through the Apple Music App on Android which launched in November of last year. That means a much wider audience. Today, Apple announced the headlining lineup …

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Apple Music Festival Stories September 21, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 7.47.28 PM

Apple’s annual Apple Music Festival is taking place at the Roundhouse in London this week and this year, the company is going a step further in its activities at the venue. As announced in tweet by Apple’s VP of Environment Lisa Jackson, the company is giving the Roundhouse an “environmental makeover.”

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Apple Music Festival Stories September 17, 2015


Apple Music Festival kicks off in London in just two days, and in preparation Apple TV has gained a dedicated channel for viewing the free performances from home. The Apple Music Festival channel includes a Featured section for highlighting performances, a Lineup section for following the schedule, and an About section for learning about the event. Once the festival is underway, users will be able view live performances for free right from the Apple TV. expand full story

Apple Music Festival Stories September 2, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.28.16 PM

Apple officially confirmed its Apple Music Festival two weeks ago, announcing that the event will take place from September 19th through September 28th in London. At the time, the company announced artists such as One Direction,  Disclosure, Pharrell, and Florence + The Machine would be performing at the event. This evening, however, Apple has announced a handful of new artists for its annual festival…

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Apple Music Festival Stories August 18, 2015


Winning tickets for the Apple Music Festival is a long shot at the best of times, but many are reporting that they can’t even get as far as entering the lottery – either getting a blank screen or an error message when they click the Win Tickets link …  expand full story

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