concepts Stories January 18

Even though it looks like we’re still more than several years out until Apple Car might reach the world, excitement is building as we learn more details. Now a graphic designer has created a sharp Apple Car concept that imagines what it would look like with a large 15-inch center console screen like Tesla uses with its Model 3 and Model Y.

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concepts Stories December 7, 2020

After the 2018 iPad Pro, Apple introduced all the new iPhone 12 models with flat edges that resemble its classic products, such as the first generation iPad and the iPhone 5. But what about Apple Watch? While there’s no evidence that Apple will redesign its smartwatch anytime soon, designer Wilson Nicklaus has created a concept that imagines a new Apple Watch with flat edges.

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concepts Stories July 20, 2020

Apple introduced a new home screen for iPhone users with iOS 14, which includes widgets that can be placed around icons for the first time. However, the same experience is not available on iPad. While Apple is unlikely to change this by the final release of iPadOS 14, designer Parker Ortolani has created a concept that shows how Apple could enhance the widget experience on iPadOS.

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concepts Stories April 8, 2019

iPhone 11 concept imagines iPad Pro design, triple-camera with oblong flash, Split View, more

A new iPhone 11 concept video is out today imagining what this year’s iPhone lineup could offer. In addition to ditching the rounded edges found on the current iPhones, the designer also imagined an all new oblong flash to seamlessly fit with a new triple-camera system, Split View for iPhone, an “AirBattery” charger, and more.

concepts Stories May 27, 2018

We’re just over a week away from WWDC 2018 where Apple is expected to unveil its latest software updates, including iOS 12. We’ve already highlighted a view designer concepts that imagine how Apple might switch things up, and now iHelp BR is joining the fun…

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concepts Stories March 6, 2018

We’re still a few months a way from the official debut of iOS 12, but that hasn’t stopped designers from using their imaginations to depict how the update could change iOS. Today, a new concept imagines an all-new Music app in iOS 12, including the return of Cover Flow…

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