effects Stories September 15, 2015

Tim Cook Snap

Snapchat is out with its latest update bringing new features and tricks to the photo messaging app. The release notes are short: Before you take a selfie, press and hold on your face for a surprise! That’s referencing the new selfie Lenses trick, which lets you apply some pretty wild effects to your face before sharing with friends. To use Lenses, just tap and hold on your selfie before taking a Snap. A facial outline appears as well as seven effects including that dramatically change up your selfie. expand full story

effects Stories June 12, 2015


Apple is introducing full support for audio plug-ins in iOS 9, allowing developers to sell plug-ins like effects and virtual instruments on the App Store that can be used within audio editing apps like Apple’s own GarageBand. expand full story

effects Stories April 28, 2014

Facebook open-sources ‘Pop’, the animation framework that drives the visual effects in Paper

Facebook has open-sourced a lot of stuff recently, but this is what most developers have been waiting for. Developed originally at Push Pop Press, and refined by Facebook, the company has today released its Pop animation framework publicly. Developers can check out the code from the GitHub repository.

The library enables rapid development of rich animations for iOS (and Mac) apps. Although Core Animation, (Apple’s built-in framework) is well suited to fire-and-forget animations, Pop was created to work seamlessly with modern interactive physics-centric user interfaces.

effects Stories December 19, 2013

Veedeo for iPhone allows you to create and share custom video clips with animated text, music, and effects

A new app called Veedeo launched on the iOS App Store today that allows you to create video clips with custom text and a blur effect similar to what you see throughout iOS 7’s new design. The short video clips are designed to be shared via social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

The app doesn’t support importing video from your camera roll to edit, though the developers have said this is coming along with support for the front-facing camera soon. The current version of the app requires you to record a 12-second clip (or shorter) directly within the software. You can then add an optional blur effect to the video (with two different blur intensity options available), and select background music from your iTunes library.

Animated text can be added to the clips during creation by selecting one of the app’s built-in templates. Some contain fully pre-written messages like “Have a Merry Christmas” while many of the others have parts that can be customized, such as “Happy Birthday, <your text here>”.

Once you’ve got your video perfected, you can export it to your camera roll to share through iMessage, email, or your social network of choice.

You can grab Veedeo for iPhone right now on the App Store for $.99. It requires an iPhone 4S or newer running iOS 7.

effects Stories May 9, 2013

If you’re someone that regularly edits photos, or enjoys graphic design work, then you’ve likely used Pixelmator, which is arguably the best alternative to Photoshop on the Mac. Today, the popular $15 app is getting a huge update, known as 2.2 “Blueberry,” which includes over 100 new features. I’ve been testing out the new options, and they’re pretty great…

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