August 17

AAPL: 157.86


I’ve always been very skeptical when it comes to Apple Watch. From the start I wasn’t necessarily convinced that I had a need for the device. Its price tag and early user interface bugs quickly wore thin on me and I ultimately found myself going weeks at a time without wearing it or even charging. As I wrote last year, however, watchOS 3 and Apple Watch Series 2 quickly changed my opinion and made Apple’s wearable an integral part of my lifestyle.

When people started calling on Apple to add LTE functionality to the Apple Watch, however, I was puzzled. Why does a wearable that’s always connected to the iPhone need LTE?

The more I’ve thought about it, though, the more I see the other side of the argument. The perfect Apple Watch is one that has no dependancy on the iPhone, but rather is fully functional wherever you go.

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Samsung just released the follow-up to its T3 line of portable, external SSDs. Sticking with the same nomenclature of the previous T1 and T3 drives, Samsung’s new T5 external SSDs include USB 3.1 Gen 2 support, making it the fastest T-series drive yet. With an included USB-C to USB-C cable, the T5 makes a great companion for recent MacBooks or MacBook Pros, or even the newest iMac models.

If you edit videos, photos, or just need a small and compact external storage solution, then Samsung’s diminutive T5 drive may be a worthy solution. It provides speeds that are normally associated with internal SATA SSDs in a compact, external form factor. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough inside for more details. expand full story

Taiwanese-based Quanta Computer, an integral part of Apple’s supply chain as a maker of MacBooks and the Apple Watch, is ramping up to begin producing the Apple Watch Series 3, according to Chinese news outlet Economic Daily. Expected to launch later this year, the report notes that Quanta has entered the final testing phase for the Apple Watch Series 3 and is on the cusp of mass production. expand full story

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