May 24

A conversation this morning got me thinking about the different categories of smart home tech.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love gadgets for their own sake. If there’s a low-tech way of doing something and a hi-tech way of doing it, I’ll tend to favor the hi-tech option even where the benefit is marginal.

My partner is not of the same view. She’s not a Luddite by any means – she has an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and appreciates some hi-tech solutions – but for her, the default option is the traditional way of doing things. Any technological wizardry has to justify itself.

This results in some negotiations about the devices we have in our apartment, which led me to the conclusion that there are three categories of smart home tech …

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ET2 Lighting unveils three new collections of HomeKit-enabled Friends of Hue smart lights

This week at the Philadelphia-based LIGHTFAIR 2019 Conference, ET2 Lighting announced a new series of smart multicolor lights. The brand’s new products enter with unique designs that are made of premium materials. Plus, taking advantage of the Friends of Hue program, ET2’s three new styles of light will integrate with HomeKit, Alexa and Assistant and more. Head below for more details.

Apple surprised everyone with the announcement of the 2019 MacBook Pro generation earlier this week, featuring updated Intel processors and what Apple called ‘new materials’ for a revised third-generation keyboard.

It will take time before we know for sure if Apple’s fourth attempt at a modern laptop keyboard will be reliable but at least today we get a better understanding about what’s new this time around as iFixit has just completed their teardown.

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A new iOS 13 concept shared today by Álvaro Pabesio visualizes what Apple’s next mobile operating system could bring based on many of the real expectations we have for the update. That includes a desktop extension feature for Mac/iPad, revamped Mail, Reminders, a fresh volume HUD, Dark Mode, and more.

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