‘Placed’ app brings context-aware app launching via iBeacons into the home

If you’ve been reading up on some of the organizations and companies working on iBeacon technology, most have used Apple’s Bluetooth LE standard to beam notifications and context-aware data to users that come in contact with iBeacon hardware in retail and event environments. They are already rolling out at retailers and being used in event spaces, but now a new app called “Placed” aims to bring iBeacons into the home (via TechCrunch). Read more

Starbucks releases iOS 7-friendly iPhone app with a few new tricks

We’ve already seen Starbucks show off a new way to pay and tip your barista in the long-awaited update to its iPhone app it previously announced, and today it is finally available and features a brand new design for iOS 7 when buying your latte.

starbucks-3.0_1xPreviously, the Starbucks app featured a number of various tabs on the bottom navigation bar, but the updated version has been dramatically simplified to focus on three main sections under the headers Pay, Stores, and Gift.

Reward member profiles, messages, and Pick of the Week content is now featured in a clean view with the app’s new tip feature as well.

The update also comes with a new icon to represent the refreshed design of the app. Read more

Microsoft launches OneNote for Mac as free download in Mac App Store

Following reports earlier this month that Microsoft was gearing up to launch a Mac version of its OneNote app for the first time, the app is now officially available as a free download in the Mac App Store. Much like its OneNote apps for other platforms, the Mac app brings much of the same functionality allowing users to keep track of notes, lists, receipts and more and keep them synced with other versions of the app across platforms. The app across all platforms is also going free for the first time starting today.  Read more

Aftermarket CarPlay solutions? Not so fast says Volvo & Ferrari


While we recently confirmed that Mercedes-Benz is planning to have an aftermarket CarPlay solution for older vehicles out by the end of the year, some of Apple’s other partners aren’t as confident. The two other companies that have so far announced the feature for new vehicles— Ferrari and Volvo— are both hinting that aftermarket CarPlay solutions are probably not happening anytime soon.

We reached out to Volvo about its aftermarket CarPlay strategy and the company told us there are “major roadblocks” to overcome before it commits to any plans for older vehicles: Read more

Apple launches new featured App Store section dedicated to taking selfies

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.36.55 PM

Apple has added a new section to the iOS App Store today promoting apps used to share selfies (via MacStories‘ Federico Viticci). Among the apps included are classics like Snapchat and the Justin Bieber-backed Shots and lesser-known apps such as selfie-editing app Facetune and an app called Front Flash that’s design to make it easier to take selfies in low light…

Read more

BioShock Infinite, Civilization V, & Civ V: Brave New World for Mac – $7.50 ea. (75% savings)

From 9to5Toys:

To help celebrate some of the great games that were honoured at yesterday’s BAFTA Game awards, we’ve teamed up with GameAgent again to offer a few great deals on some of the notable Mac games that were nominated.

First up we have BioShock Infinite, one of the most popular games of last year that was nominated in a few categories yesterday including Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, and Performer. It also won  for best Original Music. For 24 hours only, you can pick up BioShock Infinite for Mac from GameAgent for 75% off. That brings the price down from $30 to just $7.50.

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