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Apps Stories June 7, 2011

The guide to migrating personal data from MobileMe to iCloud

Yesterday, Apple killed MobileMe and replaced it with the iCloud online services suite which will be available free with iOS 5 this Fall. Apple has published a nice Q&A explaining what the transition means to MobileMe subscribers and how the company plans to go about it. Additionally, a notice at says that “you’ll be […]

Apps Stories June 8, 2011

Apple's iMessage takes its toll on RIM

Well, what do you know, it looks like Apple’s ambitious messaging service unveiled Monday as part of the iOS 5 software is seen as a threat to Research In Motion’s popular BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging protocol for BlackBerry devices. According to TechRadar, investors punished the BlackBerry maker’s stock Tuesday as they digested Apple’s iMessage: iMessage […]

Cool iOS 5 trick: Swipe for camera roll

This is a pretty cool trick that works in the Camera app on iOS 5: Simply swipe your finger from left to right to bring the camera album roll up. Continue swiping from left to right to flip through your images. If you go too far, tap once to reveal the on-screen toolbar with image […]

Here are your Apple Design Award Winners

The winners were announced at WWDC yesterday: iPhone Developer Showcase Infinity Blade Chair Entertainment Group, LLC Golfscape GPS Rangefinder Shotzoom Software LLC Cut the Rope Chillingo Ltd iPad Developer Showcase djay for iPad algoriddim GmbH Osmos for iPad Hemisphere Games, Inc. Our Choice Push Pop Press Mac Developer Showcase Capo SuperMegaUltraGroovy Pixelmator Pixelmator Team Ltd […]

Apple plans native panorama camera functionality in iOS 5

Now would be a bad time to be a developer of an iPhone panoramic camera app. It appears that Apple will be allowing users to take panoramic photos in the photo app, if the code we’ve discovered below proves to make it into the final iOS 5 release. We’re not sure if/how to make it […]

Apps Stories June 9, 2011

iOS 5: Know when wife is calling – customize vibration patterns

Custom vibrations in Settings (left) and the new interface to customize vibration patterns (right) iOS 5 comes with a bunch of accessibility improvements, like the AssistiveTouch feature that lets you use your device with adaptive accessories and even create your own gestures. Another easily overlooked addition: Custom vibrations, on a per-contact basis, as pointed out […]

Apps Stories June 3, 2011

Apple to offer automatic App Store app updates in iOS with 'Automatic Download'

MacRumors has discovered a new addition to the iTunes App Store update page and that is a new sentence hinting at an upcoming feature called Automatic Download. The greater meaning of Automatic Download is not completely clear at this point but it seems as if Apple will give iOS users the option to have their iPhone, iPad, […]

Apps Stories June 5, 2011

iCloud replaces iTunes for iOS device syncing, doesn't replace MobileMe?

John Gruber at Daring Fireball has published his thoughts on what’s going down tomorrow with iCloud at WWDC. In short: “Don’t think of iCloud as the new MobileMe; think of iCloud as the new iTunes.” Gruber notes that the iOS syncing process of today requires a user to USB tether their device to their computer […]

Apps Stories June 6, 2011

WWDC 2011: iOS 5 to trump Android, webOS with better notifications, BlackBerry-like messaging?

Depicted above: Notifications via Cydia tweak MobileNotifier This is my next’s Joshua Topolsky (a former Engadget editor-in-chief) has some late rumors from a source related to iOS 5. He says iOS 5 will introduce a new notifications bar at the top of the screen which may or may not look like an imaged leaked earlier […]

WWDC 2011: Mac OS X Lion a 4GB Mac App Store download for just $29, available in July

Image credit: Engadget Apple has just confirmed what we’ve been suspecting all along, that the next upcoming Mac OS X revision dubbed Lion will be sold via the Mac App Store as a digital download price at just $29 and weighing in at a whopping four gigabytes. The software won’t retail as a boxed copy […]

WWDC 2011: Hurah, Apple re-imagines iPhone notifications in iOS 5!

Image credit: Engadget Steve Jobs and the gang have confirmed during the WWDC keynote address in San Francisco’s Moscone West that the iOS 5 software sports a revamped and vastly improved notifications systems. There are over 250 new features in iOS 5 and more than 1,500 new APIs. The first feature Scott Forstall put up […]

WWDC 2011: App Store gets News Stand, a magazines and newspapers section

Scott Forstall is up here on stage at San Francisco’s Moscone West and he just unveiled a new iOS store within a store. It’s called News Stand and appears as a new App Store listing that collects digital magazines and newspapers. Looks kinda neat.

WWDC 2011: Apple shows off Twitter integration in iOS 5

The rumors were true, iOS 5 will sport a tight Twitter integration. You sign in to your Twitter account in the Settings app and all apps that use Twitter can automatically use the sign-in you provided. You can tweet articles from Safari, videos from the YouTube app, location from maps and more. The Contacts app […]

WWDC 2011: Camera app in iOS 5 – faster, direct lock screen access, volume up shutter

With the news (that we’ve known) that iPhone 4 is the most popular camera on Flickr, Apple’s Scott Forstall unveiled new camera features of iOS 5. It is much faster and you can access it directly from the lock screen! Another steal from some third-party apps: You can use the volume up button to take […]

Apps Stories June 7, 2011

Safari 5.1: GPU acceleration, crash-proof processes, full-screen web content, more

A new developer preview of Safari 5.1 was released yesterday in the Safari Dev Center. Safari 5.1, which ships with Lion in July, will take advantage of GPU acceleration on Windows and enable new HTML5 APIs allowing for the creation of much more sophisticated web apps. In addition to support for the latest CSS3 goodies […]

Apps Stories May 21, 2011

Pages will come to the Web, someday

If you’ve ever used Google Apps, you’ve seen what kind of power a collaborative, cross-platform word processor can have.  Today’s Apple Web applications fall far short (though they look much prettier) in terms of functionality.  But don’t fret Apple fans!  Patently Apple today shows that Apple is heading Pages toward that same Cloud experience. […]

Apps Stories May 24, 2011

Unofficial: Apple approves 500,000 App Store apps in 34 months

The App Store, Apple’s software bazaar for mobile apps, has apparently crossed a cool 500,000 app approvals in two years and ten months since its inception. The actual number of store items available for download is closer to 400,000 due to withdrawals, replacements etc. This semi-official news came courtesy of, and EA-owned games […]

Apps Stories April 21, 2011

Apple floats iPhone ‘4S’ with A5 chip to select developers to prepare for next-gen iPhone

The iPad 2’s A5 processor not only is a speedy, dual-core chip, but also works to provide nine times the gaming performance of its predecessor, A4. So, what’s Apple to do for their best-selling gaming phone? Give it the A5 chip with remarkably better gaming performance. We have already discovered, in the iOS 4 SDK, that Apple […]

Apps Stories February 26, 2011

Find my Mac coming in 10.7 Lion?

Did you think Apple was done announcing the new features coming in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? Did you think Apple was done bringing features from iOS to the Mac? Well, they’re not, and here’s a big one that might be coming this Summer with Lion: Find my Mac. Just as you can imagine this is […]

Apps Stories August 31, 2010

Apple to live stream tomorrow's event

Folks, this is one for the books. Apple has announced they will be live streaming tomorrow’s music related event. This is the first time in recent (thanks, commenters) keynote history that a live stream will be offered. This gives us the sense that something HUGE is going down tomorrow and Apple wants to make sure […]

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