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November 15

How to stream Steam games to your iPad

Steam has had an in-home streaming feature for ages. Now referred to as “Remote Play” it allows you to stream games from a powerful gaming PC to another Steam client. At first this meant streaming to a laptop or HTPC, but Valve have created Steam apps for mobile devices as well. Including the iPad!

November 14

The iPad is already mature enough to be the main computer of most average users, but many people still have a Windows, MacOS or Linux machine for work or serious productivity at home. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your iPad to tap into that power, no matter where you are? Luckily, Google Chrome Remote Desktop makes that incredibly easy to set up.

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November 13

Long before Apple introduced Sidecar in macOS Catalina, the paid Duet Display app has provided a lag-free way to use an iPad to extend the desktop of a Mac or PC. While Sidecar has largely rendered Duet Display unnecessary for Mac and iPad owners, it’s still useful for getting the same functionality from your iPad paired with a Windows PC.

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November 11

How to watch Disney+ on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, and more

The House of Mouse has spent the last few years buying up almost every entertainment brand and franchise worth mentioning. Now, it’s poised to unleash what is quite probably the most formidable content library in the world upon the masses. Yes, Disney Plus is here and if you’re champing at the bit to dig into it, we’re here to help you get started on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV and more!

Apple TV Plus vs Amazon Prime Video: Pricing, content, apps and more

Apple TV+ is finally here, which means that we can finally get hands-on time with this new streaming service’s launch offerings. With so many streaming services to choose from, it makes sense to do some comparative shopping. We’ve already pitted Apple TV Plus against Netflix and now it’s Amazon Prime Video’s turn to step up.

November 10

What’s the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt is the result of Apple and Intel working together to create a high-speed peripheral interface to replace FireWire. Now in its third generation, there’s some confusion among users thanks to the adoption of USB Type-C as its connector of choice. If you’re not sure what the difference is when it comes to USB-C vs Thunderbolt 3, now’s the time to set it all straight.

November 7

Apple launched its Apple TV+ service on November 1st, 2019, taking on established juggernaut Netflix at a game it practically invented (not to mention the half-dozen or so other streaming services). So comparing Apple TV+ and Netflix, how exactly does Apple’s new service stack up?

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November 4

What is MacBook ‘thermal throttling’ and what can I do about it?

You might have heard that the latest MacBooks are a hot item. Literally. The controversy surrounding CPU thermal throttling in recent MacBooks may have cooled down, but there are probably more than a few still asking what “thermal throttling” is in the first place. Is it a big deal? Does it even affect you? Surprisingly, the answer isn’t black and white. The (rather touchy) topic of MacBook thermal throttling requires a slightly deeper look at the inner workings of your laptop to fully understand.

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