Apple Watch Hermès Stories April 19, 2016

Earlier this month, Apple announced that it would make the premium Hermès bands for Apple Watch available as a standalone purchase and today it has done just that. Now, Apple Watch customers can purchase a Hermès band for their Apple Watch separately via Apple’s online store.

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Apple Watch Hermès Stories January 22, 2016

After several months of limited availability in select retail stores across the globe, Apple Watch Hermès is now available to purchase online. Interestingly, that counters the initial point-of-sale strategy with the other three Apple Watch collections, which were at first only available to purchase online before hitting retail stores months later. Instead, the Apple Watch collection introduced in partnership with Hermès last fall enjoyed a more intimate point-of-sale experience with North American availability limited to Apple, Hermès, and Maxfield locations in LA, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto with a similar situation across Europe and Asia.

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Apple Watch Hermès Stories January 14, 2016

Wallpaper* magazine names Apple Watch Hermès ‘Life enhancer of the year’ in design awards

The Independent reports that Wallpaper* magazine has listed the Apple Watch Hermès as one the winners of its 2016 design awards. The category? ‘Life enhancer of the year.’ I guess that’s the kind of category you have to expect from a magazine with an asterisk in its name.

If you’d like to enhance your own life, the Hermès collection starts at $1100, but you can get a similar look from around a tenth of this if you know where to look …

Apple Watch Hermès Stories October 26, 2015

There are now four “versions” of the Apple Watch — the $349+ Apple Watch Sport, the $549+ Apple Watch, the $1,100+ Apple Watch Hermès, and the $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition. Apart from metal and glass differences, all four Apple Watches are virtually identical to one another, enabling DIYers and entrepreneurs to tweak one model to look like another. Earlier this year, gold plating services made the Apple Watch look like the Apple Watch Edition for under $400. Now there are ways to make the Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch look like an Apple Watch Hermès for under $100.

Apple uses the silver stainless steel Apple Watch as the base for the Apple Watch Hermès, but upgrades it with three Hermès leather watch bands: Single Tour ($1,100 model, 38mm or 42mm), Double Tour ($1,250 model, only 38mm), or Cuff ($1,500 model, only 42mm), representing a premium of over $500 to $900 depending on the band. Here are some third-party alternatives that let you achieve the same basic look without dropping the extra cash….

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Apple Watch Hermès Stories October 6, 2015

Apple Watch Hermès unboxing, pairing, and custom faces [Video]

Following the official release of the Apple Watch Hermès yesterday, unboxing videos are beginning to appear online, showing the premium Watch version’s custom packaging and watch faces. This YouTube video depicts the Single Tour model, and shows some of the customizations unique to the Hermès watches, including:

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