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A widescreen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone; and a breakthrough Internet communications device

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Introduced in 2007, iPhone is Apple’s flagship iOS device and easily its most popular product around the world. Apple’s current iPhone lineup consists of five models: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE. These models include 4-inch, 4.7-inch, and 5.5-inch displays.

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iPhone Stories February 10

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iPhone 8 concept via @VenyaGeskin1
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A new supply chain report from Digitimes claims Apple is shifting iPhone 8 production up earlier than usual for the company. The report also continues to push the rumor that Apple is planning iris scanning technology in the next flagship iPhone.

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iPhone Stories February 9

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In a new NOVA documentary episode that recently aired on PBS, David Pogue hosts and checks out a next generation battery invented by Mike Zimmerman that won’t explode like the Samsung Note 7 (or create a thermal event) even when cut or punctured. The Search for the Super Battery episode is an hour-long look at “the hidden world of energy storage and how it holds the keys to a greener future.”

With the lithium-ion waste fire at Samsung’s SDI battery factory this week, it’s clear the evolution of batteries should not only focus on capacity, function and end-user safety, but should also consider the employees that produce batteries and the waste’s environmental impacts…

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iPhone Stories February 8

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iPhone 8 concept via @VenyaGeskin1
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A new report from Fast Company highlights a few interesting details about this year’s anticipated iPhone release. According to their sources, the price tag for the iPhone 8 could exceed $1,000 which is higher than any option in the current lineup. The report also echoes rumors that the new hardware will feature 3D sensor technology while downplaying talk that the new models could launch earlier this year than expected.

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iPhone Stories February 3

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Last December Ben wrote a thorough opinion piece on the topic of what port we may see in future iPhones and also asked for readers’ feedback. The majority of pollsters shared they believe Apple won’t incorporate USB-C in the iPhone this year, with 30% thinking 2018 could be the year, 19% saying ‘Never,’ and 18% ‘Later.’ However, there was still almost 30% of respondents who voted that the change will happen this year.

Whether Apple decides to stick with Lightning for this year’s devices or not, it will be interesting to see if they include more adapters in the box or expect customers to pay extra to retain compatibility with their computers and accessories. What do you think?

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iPhone Stories February 2

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Apple has been working with India over the past several months on plans to make iPhones in the country, and now it appears a location for manufacturing has been decided: Bengaluru. Formerly called Bangalore, Bengaluru is known as the ‘IT capital of India’ and serves as the home of Apple’s 40,000 square foot iOS app development accelerator office space.

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When Apple refused to compromise iOS security last year and unlock the iPhone 5c belonging to the San Bernardino shooter, the FBI turned to an Israeli mobile forensics firm called Cellebrite to find a way in to the encrypted iPhone. Now Motherboard reports that a hacker has released files allegedly from Cellebrite that demonstrate how cracking tools can’t be kept private.

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