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Think of the new BLUETTI AC500 & B300S modular power station as a power bank for your entire home. It can provide enough power to keep your home up-and-running through an outage lasting one or more days – and be ready to go again in around a two-hour charge.

The modular design lets you decide how much power you need, and the system is portable, so that you can keep all your home comforts when going off-grid …

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Now that the iPhone 14 lineup has been announced, old iPhone models are about to see a drop in value. Historically, that’s been ~12% in the first month following the launch of new iPhones and ~20% depreciation three months after launch. That means now is the perfect time to lock in the trade-in value of your old phone before upgrading to iPhone 14. Decluttr — 9to5Mac’s official trade-in partner– offers a fast, easy, and free way to sell your old devices. It will also come with Decluttr’s Tech Price Promise to guarantee you get the first price quoted or request your device back for free.

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Bring your own device (BYOD) programs are a common way for companies to streamline technology management and security. With BYOD, employees can use their personal phones and tablets for work-related purposes when away from their primary company-supplied devices. 

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There’s no shortage of RV power solutions out there, but very few of them are portable, and even fewer are capable of doubling as an emergency power system for your home. Meet the BLUETTI EB3A.

The company is best known for its ultra-high capacity home power stations, designed to keep your entire home up-and-running during a grid outage. With the EB3A, the company is bringing the same quality to a system designed for recreational vehicles and other mobile applications …

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With almost a decade of experience leading the robot vacuum industry under its belt, Roborock’s models are one of the best choices when thinking about a Mother’s Day gift.

The new S7 MaxV model was just released by the company and alongside this impressive product, people can also take advantage of more Mother’s Day sales promotions offered by Roborock. Check them out below.

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A power bank is a handy thing to have in case you run low on power with your iPhone, iPad or Mac, but what about those times when your entire home loses power? Whether it’s a storm, flood or problem with the grid, a self-contained backup power system for your home can enable you to keep the essential electrically-powered items up-and-running while you wait it out.

BLUETTI is one of the leaders in home power stations, and has just announced three new products, including the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator and battery pack …

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sponsored post Stories December 4, 2021

Chargie is a device that aims to be even smarter than Apple’s Optimized Battery Charging feature, and to bring the same benefits to other battery-powered products you own.

Apple started introducing smarter charging features from iOS 13, and has since rolled out the intelligent battery management process to AirPods and Macs – but more is possible…

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If there’s one smart home gadget guaranteed to win over the most technophobic member of your household, it’s a robot vacuum cleaner and mop. Wake each morning, or return from work, to a freshly cleaned home! If there’s a spill, let the robo-cleaner do the work.

Roborock is offering great Labor Day deals on both the S6 vacuum and mop, and a bundle of the more advanced S7 model with H6 handheld vacuum to reach the places a robot can’t – like cobwebs in a ceiling corner, or inside your car. The deals offer savings of up to 42% …

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sponsored post Stories January 7, 2021

If you’ve been searching for a way to add more visual flair to your videos, then look no further than the FCPX VFX Suite from Pixel Film Studios. This compilation of plugins, composites, trackers, and emitters includes everything you need to create dazzling visual effects right inside your Final Cut Pro project. Watch our brief hands-on video walkthrough to see the FCPX VFX Suite in action.

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sponsored post Stories August 22, 2020

If you’re looking for the perfect USB-C hub or dock you’ve probably noticed there’s usually a trade-off between portability and functionality. ALOGIC has unveiled its new 10-In-1 Super Dock as a no-compromise USB-C solution that’s portable while also delivering all the functionality and power you need at an affordable price.

Head below for our hands-on look.

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sponsored post Stories June 27, 2020

Finding a protective iPhone case that doesn’t add too much bulk or hide the device’s design can be tricky. Griffin has the solution to that problem with its classic iPhone SE Survivor series cases that offer up to 7-ft. drop protection with slim, premium designs. Head below for a look at the new cases.

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sponsored post Stories August 17, 2019

Final Cut Pro X features a decent built-in stabilization system that can easily be enabled with just a click in the Inspector. However, if you’re looking for a much more robust and customizable stabilization system, look no further than Pixel Film Studios’ FCPX Stabilizer 2.0. For a limited time, you can get 30% off by using code 9to5pixel.

In this hands-on video, we showcase how this plugin can not only perform simple stabilizations, but is capable of breathing new life into otherwise mundane footage. expand full story

sponsored post Stories January 10, 2017

hyperdrive-hubWith the new 2016 MacBook Pro making the switch to all USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, users searching for a way to add back HDMI, USB-A, and other ports are looking to the HyperDrive ultimate USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 hub.

The product has now attracted over 15,000 owners of the new device and raised over $1.3 million in preorders ahead of the first units arriving to customers in February. This week is your last chance to take advantage of early bird pricing on the HyperDrive hub with just 7 days to go for pre-orders through the crowdfunding campaign.

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sponsored post Stories January 9, 2017


Designed specifically for Apple’s AirPods, Spigen’s new AirPods Stand offers one of the first charging dock solutions to keep your case upright on a desktop, bedside table, or any other flat surface.

The edges of the AirPods charging case are rounded, and while that makes it particularly nice to carry around in your pants pocket, it means the case won’t stand up on its own. Spigen’s stand ($11.99) fixes that problem, by giving you a desktop stand that doubles as a charging dock with a cutout that lets you insert your own Lightning cable in the back.

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sponsored post Stories December 20, 2016


We’d like to thank Digiarty, makers of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, for sponsoring 9to5Mac today. They’re offering a ‘Christmas Giveaway‘ of MacX DVD Ripper Pro starting now and running through January 5, 2017. There are just 1,000 copies available per day, so giddy-up! expand full story

sponsored post Stories November 28, 2016


Spigen’s new ultimate Kuel AP12T Car Mount features a super low-profile design with a telescopic arm and a rotating phone mount to let you adjust your device in just about any direction. You can adjust the length of the arm to extend out up to 9.2 inches from the base, or keep it more compact at 5 inches when retracted, and you can tilt and rotate the phone itself to get an ideal viewing angle for your specific car’s dash. You can see it in action in the video below. 

The phone will also rotate to work into both landscape and portrait orientations, and it folds down into itself to have the lowest-profile possible and reduce any obstruction to your view of the road while driving. A self adjusting smartphone holder means the mount will automatically open and lock to the width of your phone for easy one-handed docking. It will attach to both a windshield or dash (except for leather dashboards).

It just launched, but you can get 40% off today only for Cyber Monday making it just $15 with code AP12T40P.

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sponsored post Stories November 25, 2016

[Ed. Note: This is a Samsung sponsored post]

Virtual reality is here to stay, and it’s only going to be more popular as we move forward. Popular options including the Vive or Oculus Rift are nothing short of amazing, but they’re also incredibly expensive. There’s got to be a better way, right? With a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the Gear VR, you can get an immersive experience with Oculus content for a fraction of the cost. And today, you can get a FREE Samsung Gear VR, gift pack, plus a $250 Samsung.com Rewards eCertificate with the purchase of a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge… expand full story

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We would like to thank Digiarty, makers of the new MacX MediaTrans, for sponsoring 9to5Mac today and offering all of you both a free trial of MacX MediaTrans as well as a 50% discount off the purchase price. expand full story

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