Zach Kahn


Hey, I’m Zach. I contribute my thoughts on apps, gaming, social media, and wearable technology here at 9to5Mac and over at 9to5Google. Here are a few of my favorite apps.

The Best Mac Apps

  • Byword is my favorite app for writing. It’s got a very clean interface that lets you focus on what you’re writing and it syncs your work across its iPhone and iPad apps flawlessly with iCloud. When you upgrade to Premium for $4.99, Byword also supports publishing to WordPress and Tumblr right from within the app.
  • Things and Clear are my go-to apps for task management. Things is great for reminding you to stay on top of larger projects like writing a piece for 9to5Mac or scheduling an interview with an app developer. Clear, on the other hand, is great for quick to-do’s like checking items off a grocery list or buying books from Amazon.
  • Airmail‘s the best way to achieve ‘inbox zero.’ It’s basically Sparrow, but new features and bug fixes are added regularly.
  • Tweetbot is the best Twitter client around. It’s got support for Pocket, my favorite read-it-later service, and syncs your read position or status of your timeline and direct messages across its iPhone and iPad apps with iCloud.

The Best iPhone Apps

  • I’m no photographer by any means but I love browsing Instagram. Follow me @zkahn94 to see my shots!
  • Thinglist is hands-down the best note-taking app for iPhone. Thinglist categorizes your thoughts by topic so that you can easily enter and retrieve your notes. You can filter notes by food, book, movie, idea, and a handful of other categories. It’s insanely great.
  • Track 8 is a unique music player that’s built upon the Metro design language popularized by many of Microsoft’s current products. It’s flashy, but functional. If you’re looking for something radically different than Apple’s built-in music player, this is your app.

If you’re working on an app and would like a detail-oriented beta tester with an eye for good design, I’m your guy. Shoot me an email at to get in touch and be sure to follow me on Twitter @zkahn94.

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